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Feb 13, 2010 06:09 PM

Open late near the MGM?

Hi All- My wife and I will be coming to Vegas Friday, and are trying to hard to squeeze the most out of every meal opportunity.

One we're struggling with -- we get in around 9pm on Friday night. We're staying at the MGM - is there any place good that will be open late enough that we could show up around 10pm that is at or close to the MGM? I thought Atelier (sp?) looked good, but it looks like their last seating is 945. We don't need some place fancy -- just someplace good and open late!

Help! Thanks-

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  1. You're going to think I'm crazy, but try BJ's Cocktail Lounge. It's just east of the MGM, next to the Rebel gas station on the corner of Tropicana and Koval. Scantily clad waitresses, good food and the kitchen is open 24 hours. It's the shortest walk to anywhere from the porte cochere of the MGM.

    BJ's Cocktail Lounge East
    218 East Tropicana Avenue
    Las Vegas, NV 89169-7309
    (702) 736-9439

    1. If you can handle walking over to the Excalibur-to-Mandalay monorail, I highly recommend a late dinner at Border Grill.

      They're open until 11:00 PM on Fridays, so you may be able to make it in... And eat some of the best Mexican cuisine in Vegas.

      1. Wolfgang Puck's has a late night menu, I think it's for in room dining. So if you get in after they close at 10:30 (they should seat you at the bar at least until closing, so you may get in just in time) you can still order a nice meal in your room.

        I don't recommend the Studio Cafe in the MGM unless you want to order breakfast when you get in. Their food is just not that good but they make darn fine eggs ;o)

        1. Thanks, all - we ended up at Mon Amis Gabbi (sp?) at the Paris, which was great and open very late. We tried for l'Atelier at the MGM and the Mexican place at the Mandalay, but were too late for both. It's wierd, for such a late night city, Vegas really does have limited options open late.

          Slightly unrelated - for our other two meals, we had an outstanding one at Cut and a terrible one at B&B in the Venetian -- the service was well, well beyond bad. How can they get away with it?

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          1. re: pusherman

            >It's wierd, for such a late night city, Vegas really does have limited options open late.

            Las Vegas is no more a late night city than San Diego and certainly nowhere in the league of New York City of Los Angeles.

            The claim that Las Vegas is a 24/7 city is completely bogus.

            Surprising statement, huh? I keep reading in thread after thread that Las Vegas is open 24/7. I live here, and while I spend little time on The Strip, my wife and I do venture down there occasionally. I'm certain that my neighborhood isn't 24/7, but we're really talking only about The Strip and whether it's actually open 24/7.

            Sure everything is open 7 days a week, but that's pretty typical of all major cities in the United States. Casinos and hotels are open 24/7, but is Las Vegas really open 24 hours a day? I say it isn't. And certainly, not nearly the way it used to be. What is open all day and all night? Supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies here and elsewhere are open around the clock. You can check into a hotel or motel at anytime, but is that different than anywhere else?

            Why do we keep perpetuating the myth that Las Vegas and only Las Vegas is a 24/7 town? Certainly you can gamble and drink at all hours. Every bar in town is always open. Every casino in town is always open, though they do close a significant number of tables during the off hours. Needless to say, all gaming machines are always available to take your bet.

            So one can gamble and one can drink. What about the attractions? 24/7? Nope. The fountains at Bellagio, the Sirens show at TI, the volcano at Mirage, etc. only operate during set hours. What about shows? Nope. Most showrooms are open only during the evening. There are some afternoon shows and of course, lounge acts that go rather late, but nothing 24/7.

            What about eating? One of my fondest memories of Las Vegas happened in 1963, the first time I ever visited Las Vegas. I was ten years old. My family stayed at the Aladdin and one evening when my parents were out seeing a show I got hungry at 10:00PM. So walked down to the coffee shop and ordered something I had never tried before... Eggs Benedict. I found it remarkable that I could order breakfast late at night. In fact, the coffee shop served the same menu 24/7. It was wonderful. In the 1980s the was a terrific restaurant call the Port Tack on West Sahara Blvd. that served it's entire menu 24/7. If you wanted breakfast... *any breakfast* at any time, you got it. If you wanted Prime Rib and lobster at 7:00AM you could have that too.

            Most of the fine dining options at the hotels/resorts are only open for dinner. 5PM-11:00PM with some rare exceptions. Some are only open on weekends. Some for lunch and dinner. What about the coffee shops? Gone are the days of the 24 hour menu. That changed when Grand Luxe Cafe opened at the Venetian Hotel. Instead of a 24/7 menu, they had four separate menus... breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night. Pretty soon most every hotel's coffee shop copied the structure of Grand Luxe Cafe with separate menus for different times of the day. Gone were the days when you could have Eggs Benedict for dinner or a filet for lunch. Nowadays, many of the coffee shops are no longer even open 24 hours a day. The Rio started closing their coffee shop, the São Paulo Cafe at 9:00PM two years ago. According to the Rio's website, it now closes at 3:00PM. THREE O'CLOCK in the afternoon. It's only open for ONE shift. Bally's used to have a magnificent coffee shop that served the best bread pudding I've have had. Same situation. One shift and it closes at 3:00 in the afternoon.

            There are exceptions. Mr Lucky at the Hard Rock is still pretty good at all hours. The coffee shop at Jerry's Nugget still serves their whole menu 24 hours, but past 11:00PM you're probably stuck with a snack bar or worse. You should consider yourself very lucky if your hotel even has a 24 hour sit down restaurant. Many don't. If you're staying at Bally's and get hungry after the buffet closes at 9:00PM and you don't want or can't get a table in their fine dining restaurants, the front dest will suggest you try going to another hotel, like Paris, next door.

            What about strip clubs? Not all are open 24 hours. And even if the club you choose to go to is open at all hours, most of the really good looking girls work the prime evening hours. You might not be all the happy to look at who's working at 4:00AM.

            What about the nightlife? The dance clubs? They've never been 24/7 and now it seems as if even the party life is cutting back on hours. Read this article <> about the demise of afterhours clubs in Las Vegas.

            So is Las Vegas really a 24/7 town. If you came to drink... absolutely! If you came to gamble... pretty much. But you were looking for anything else... probably not.

            Just my opinion. YMMV.


            1. re: pusherman

              Why was the service so bad at B&B? I agree with you I just want to see why you thought it was bad.

              1. re: SDGourmand

                Sure. My wife and I ordered to apps, two pastas and an entre. The apps showed up, fine. Then we waited. And waited. An hour later, after no one had checked on us, a pasta showed up, followed 5 minutes later by the entre. When we asked the waitress about the missing pasta, she just kind of looked confused. We told her to cancel it, as we were already late for a show.

                But it gets worse! Of course when our bill showed up, the missing pasta was on it. When we explained this to the waitress, she went to get the manager, who insisted she herself had delivered the pasta (we had never seen her before) and basically accused us of trying to cheat the restaurant out of a $15 dish (on a $150+ tab). Needless to say, we didn't pay for it, and never got any kind of apology or explanation.

                My wife wrote a letter to the restaurant management, but we never got a reply.

                It's too bad, the food we actually managed to get was pretty good.

            2. In Mandalay Burger Bar is open late most nights and on the weekend, I know they are open till 1am I believe. (had a midnight burger there a few weeks ago) And there was no wait for the bar even after a concert that night.

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                ...Which now takes us to the inevitable, IN-N-OUT Burger! Open a multiple locations in Las Vegas, till 1:00 AM weeknights and till 1:30 AM Friday and Saturday Nights. BnF likes going to IN-N-Out Burger and you should too.