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Feb 13, 2010 04:57 PM

Mashed Veggies interrupted

Hi folks,

Dinner plans postponed until tomorrow, got about halfway through cooking everything. Am making a yukon gold and carrot mash with butter, roasted garlic, white pepper, and delicious local heavy cream. No recipe, just throwing some good sounding ingredients together. Anyhow, I got the veggies boiled just before I found out plans were postponed. Any thoughts on whether I should go ahead and finish the dish tonight or just refrigerate the veggie chunks overnight? Thanks!

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  1. finish it now. if you do it after refrigerating overnight you may not get the texture you want, particularly once the starch in the potatoes has a chance to rest.

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      You see, this is why I come to chowhound when in need. Resting starch? Who knew? Thanks, ghg...

    2. Thursday I fixed riced butternut squash with some mashed potatoes mixed in (per Julia Child) with butter and cream. Took it to my MIL's the following day and reheated (in the MW at that) and it was terrific. And we're having leftovers tonight.