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Feb 13, 2010 04:51 PM

Birthday cake with flowers

Hi guys! I need your advice on something: my mother is turning the big 5-0 next month, and I want to get a really special cake for the party. She loves light, lemony flavors, roses, and the fragrance of whipped cream. (In fact, if the rose geranium macarons from Miette in the Ferry bldg could have slightly lemony cookies, that'd be her favorite sweet of all time.) As for the decoration, fondant flowers are a must. I might consider pearls and lacework as well, as long as the final cake isn't too cluttered. I've heard good things about Masse's and Katrina Rozelle. What do you guys recommend? Thanks so much!

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  1. Please visit Kathy's Kreative Kakes in San Mateo. We've been getting our family's birthday cakes there for YEARS - they are delicious, beautiful, and Kathy does a splendid job of making beautiful roses, smooth and velvety fondant, and the most delicious whipped cream. Good luck, and wishing your mother a most happy birthday!

    1. Daughter's wedding cake was made by Victoria Pastry in Greenbrae. They do it the way you want it. Check them out. There's the orig store in SF's North Beach as well...

      1. As soon as I started reading your mom's preferences, I thought of Katrina Rozelle. I think definitely worth checking out. I've ordered their cakes before.

        I have not been to this place but took note of it today while I was in North Beach.
        Looks at least visually along your lines.

        I Dream of Cake

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          Thanks for your recommendations guys! I called all the places and some more, but everyone said that they don't have a rose geranium flavored cake and would not be willing to make one, except for Miette in the ferry building. So I ordered a modified lemon debutante cake from Miette and plan on decorating the cake myself with fresh flowers and pearls. Do the flowers have to be organic? I've seen pictures of wedding cakes with fresh orchids on them, but I know that orchids are never grown organically. If they do have to be organic, where should I get them from? (I'm looking mainly for roses and orchids.) Thanks!