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Feb 13, 2010 04:22 PM

Miami Beach for a convention

We are making our first ever visit to Florida for a convention which will be at the Miami Beach Convention Center. We will be staying close by. I plan to eat at Talula at least once and get some stone crabs at Joe's, Monty's or both.

A friend, married to a woman from Columbia, visits the area often and has said cabs cost a fortune and advised avoiding them. The convention is pretty busy also, so we plan to try to eat nearby though several posts warn about the tourist traps. I am open for anything from a hole-in-the-wall breakfast joint, sandwich shop to fine dining. Local things such as Cuban, Caribbean and Latin sound great as we live in California and don't have much of that available. A good wine and craft beer shop would be nice to know about, too. Thanks.

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  1. Don't know why, but cabs are a bit pricey here, but definitely not prohibitive. If you take them into the city of Miami (across the causeway) then it could get a bit steep. Therefore I wouldn't write off anything that's on the beach, but not necessarily close to the convention center. I'd search the boards for places that meet your criteria.

    That being said, the convention center is by Lincoln Rd. mall. Tourist traps aplenty but there are a few decent places, especially for lunch if you need to get away from the center. For passable Cuban there's David's (of Lincoln on Meridian). Others are Cafe at Books and Books, Baires (Argentinean steak), Spris and Sosta for pizza. Places to avoid: Nexxt and anywhere that has pictures of their food or a hostess (no matter how gorgeous) enticing you to eat at her establishment.

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      OK, I am going a completely different direction now. MichaelĀ“s Genuine and NAOE look real interesting to me. Also the Burger and Beer joint.

      How about RED? Apparently some new steak house. And is there a real Jewish stle deli in South Beach area?

      1. re: Tom Hall

        Those are three good choices.

        Steak houses are a dime a dozen these days in South Beach though the food at them is much more costly. I have not been to Red yet, but unless you're really hankering for a steak, that is not the direction I'd be going with a limited time in South Florida - and if you are hankering for a steak, I'd recommend you get one at Talula where they do great steaks but offer lots of other more interesting options as well.

        I think the days of real Jewish style delis in South Beach have passed. Jerry's Deli is a weak imposter. You can get some Jewish deli foods at gourmet food store prices at Epicure on Alton Road, which also has an area where you can sit down and eat them.

        1. re: Frodnesor

          on my last visit to burger and beer i found it to be obnoxious. BIG portions , little taste. not sure if it was just that one time but i wouldnt waste my few meals in miami on that place.

          red is actually an excellent steak house and worthy of a visit if you must have steak. i'd chose red over prime 112, actually, though i prefer BLT Steak and STK Miami. But again, if you must have steak while in Miami. otherwise, i'd pass and go straight to Michael's Genuine and NAOE.

          1. re: HabaneroJane

            I am reading all these boards this morning after eating at Talula (excellent)and Timo (excellent) this past weekend and will happily pass on my adivice-albeit a bit limited since we took some time off from eating at the more interesting restaurnats. Its been a year since we ate at Prime112 which was just a scene- so stay away- We watched everyone stare at Pat Riley- is was joke. Smith & Wollensky is all about teh ambience (go for hapy hour and watch the cruise ships leave but don't stay for dinner)Meat Market was very good- they have a good chef - its on Lincoln Road- and its nice to walk around before dinner. I have not been to RED but am told its worth a pass since there are better options like Meat MArket. STK- just opened by Talula, however I have not been there yet- I hear they have a DJ booth in the dining room- so that tells you the story there. if your in Sunny Isles- hit Timo- pizza, pasta and intereting food on the higher side of the pocket book.