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Feb 13, 2010 04:15 PM

Blackened Shrimp Po' Boy & Fried Pork Chops?

I am admittedly new to looking for Cajun food in Austin, but after I returned from New Orleans I am seriously missing some of their flavor. Does anyone know anywhere in Austin to get a blackened shrimp po' boy? All the menus I'm reading say fried shrimp, or just shrimp, so I don't know if they have blackened. Also, is a smothered pork chop similar to a fried pork chop? Because I had fried pork chops at Montrel's Bistro and I thought they were amazing.

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  1. I have yet to see a blackened shrimp poboy here in Austin. The poboys I have had don't have that same great bread they use in New Orleans. There aren't alot of 'casual' New Orleans' style poboy shops here. Try Quality Seafood, Shoal Creek, or Cypress Grill. But I don't recall seeing any blackened shrimp sandwiches, and poboys aren't really a specialty at any of those places. I don't really go up north, but I hear there may be cajun-like restraunts there. I pretty much cook cajun /creole at home because I find it a little bland here relative to LA. There are some dishes that I find at those 3 places that are great, just not ones I crave very often.
    When I was little, I thought the only way you cook pork chops was frying them - either deep or pan fried. Then you smother them with gravy... my husband has taught me other ways, thankfully.

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      theres also lolas and evangline cafe. genes is gone, i believe. or terrible, but that might as be gone to me!

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        Okay, thanks for the recommendations. I did enjoy the food and atmosphere the one time I did make it to Quality Seafood. Yea, when I went to a Po' Boy shop in NO you know they had like on the order of 50 different Po' Boys you could order! I guess I will have to follow your lead and see if I can make some at home!

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          Hell, I bet any of those restaurants would make you one if you asked for it. Evangeline's especially - the owner is from Lake Charles and a real nice guy. The Shoal Creek people are pretty accommodating, too.

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            Try the "grilled" shrimp po boy at Evangeline - I'm not sure if it is exactly blackening spices, but they use a great spice mixture, the shrimp are not fried (I think it might be a loose connotation of "grilled" - like shrimp BBQ in NO) and it is my go-to item there. They offer a great jalapeno mayo too - perhaps not stricly NO, but very yummy.

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            Have you tried Louisiana Longhorn Cafe in Round Rock? I'm not a cajun expert but I have always found the food there very good and supposedly authentic. Ask for the blackened shrimp and I bet they hook you up.


        2. Afraid I'm not sure what you're after in fried pork chops, but generally here, smothered pork chops are pan-fried and served "smothered" in a brown pan gravy loaded with onions.

          1. I'm not crazy about a lot of the food at Hoover's, but they do fry a decent pork chop. On the regular menu, you will find southern fried pork chops. These are battered and fried. One day a week (maybe Wednesdays), they offer smothered (pan fried, then cooked in gravy) as a chalkboard special. I've never tried these.
            For the blackened shrimp po' boy, you might try Mama Roux. They have blackened shrimp available on the menu and they also offer a fried shrimp po' boy, they are pretty accommodating, so might be willing to switch out the fried for blackened shrimp.

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              I was born in Chalmette, LA, which is real close to New Orleans (which is really more Creole than it is Cajun)... and while I didn't grow up there I have spent a good amount of time down there. My opinion is you will NOT find a comparable po-boy outside of the area due to one reason.... the bread. The bread is key. When it comes to po-boy bread I tip my hat to the Leidenheimer's. As far as I know that good bread does not make it's way to Texas.

              Now, Mama Roux's.... I speak highly of them people. It's by far my favorite of the "Cajun" restaurants in Austin. While I haven't bothered with the po-boy I will tell you that fried shrimp plate is a thing of beauty. The shrimp are plump, cooked proper, and plentiful. It's a great meal. He makes a real good dirty rice also.

              1. re: bloody hammer

                Amen.... oh the bread. I had a Leidenheimer PoBoy a few weeks ago down there, and I seriously wanted to cry it was so delicious.. more likely because it brought back great memories for me and my tastebuds. I called the company a few years back and asked them how much I'd have to order before they could ship to Austin!...

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                  Ok, I am also from that area, born in New Orleans, grew up in Biloxi, graduated High Shool in Baton Rouge. I have eaten my fair share of po'boys and while I do feel the bread is very very important, I don't think the only decent po'boy is on Leidenheimer's bread.
                  Po'boys from the old Rosetti's in Biloxi were on a thinner slightly chewy baguette and were wonderful. The po'boys at Giamanco's in B.R. were on a baked in house italian bread and omg, do I miss their hot roast beef p.b.. What is not acceptable is fauxboy on a "french shaped loaf" (read may as well be a hot dog bun). French bread varies as does gumbo and jambalaya. So, my point is, that the bread at Mama Roux's is pretty decent and, as you said, the shrimp are good, so overall it is much better than no po'boy at all.

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                    sighmesigh... i never said the only decent po-boy was on Leidenheimer bread. i just said i tip my hat to them.... as i think they make the best bread.

                    and i can't honestly speak to the po-boys in Biloxi cause i've never tried one. if you know good po-boys (and i trust you do) and you say there's a proper made po-boy to be found in Biloxi then i believe you.

                    next time i'm at Mama Roux's i will try their po-boy. my guess is they're getting their bread from the Vietnamese here locally like the kind they use Tam Deli... it is good stuff in it's own right.

                    1. re: bloody hammer

                      I agree the Ledenheimer is classic, and it is perfect. I also liked the fried shrimp poboys at the Biloxi Scooner when I was growing up. I don't really remember eating poboys anywhere else in Biloxi.

                      Spec's had their 'shrimp po-boy' on sale last week, so I bit and ordered one. I knew I was in trouble when the deli lady asked me 'white or wheat' and I said 'ummm, French?' Needless to say it was incredibly dissapointing.

                      Cypress Grill says they use Gambino's bread, but I only order oyster po-boys there, and they aren't really that fresh. My fav thing there is Catfish Achafalaya.

                      1. re: drdelicious

                        Rosetti's was the precursor to the Schooner (pre-Camille).
                        I believe that the Flying Falafel uses bread from the Phoenicia Bakery, which is quite good.

                  2. re: bloody hammer

                    I had a garlic shrimp bahn mi at Tam Deli on N. Lamar and it was just like a shrimp poboy, only . . . garlicky. Which is NEVER bad.
                    But the bread, oh the bread. It was great. Crumbly on top, you know? So every bite sprayed some crumbs right onto your shirt. Not an attractive look, granted, but it sure felt more like a poboy than a bahn mi.

                    (I'm from Slidell and would kill for a good roast beef poboy).

                    Tam Deli & Cafe
                    8222 N Lamar Blvd Ste D33, Austin, TX 78753

                2. Galloway's on E. 12th does fried pork chops on Fridays, I believe. I had his smothered pork chop last Thursday and it was great. Be sure to call first and ask.

                  1. I lived in New Orleans for four years, right now my favorite po-boy place in Austin is Flying Falafel & Po-Boys next to the Dobie Center. It's owned by a Lebanese family that lived and owned a po-boy restaurant in New Orleans pre-Katrina.

                    They don't have a blackened shrimp po-boy but their roast beef po-boy is the most authentic version I've had in Austin since Gene's closed. They're seafood po-boys are also really good.

                    I don't like Cypress Grill, the muffaletta I had their recently had a bland olive relish and only a few slices of meat on it.

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                      Love Flying Falafel. They're as nice a Jordanian family as you'll ever meet- and the mom's a seriously talented cook. Unless you like ketchup on your fresh, fried seafood po boys[ like they do at Domilises in NOLA] make sure you request it without. Their fried chicken is great as well. One day a week they trot out a Lamb Dynamite special that's particularly nice. I think it's wednesday. Words from the past:

                      Flying Falafel,Guadalupe St.
                      I'm not much of one to swoon but when my oyster/shrimp po boy comes to table with ketchup on it I can feel the floor of the restaurant rushing upwards.

                      "Is everything ok?".The counter lady inquires as she scrapes me up off the ground.

                      Is that ketchup?"I moan,gesturing toward the weird red stuff on my beautiful sandwich."Yes,that's how it comes fully dressed.That's the New Orleans style".

                      I know there are two camps on this in NOLA.Camp one,good people who know that pouring red colored corn syrup on fresh seafood is worthy of a Huey P.Long denouement.This camp's standard bearer is Parkway Tavern.And camp two,heartless oafs who see no sin in this crude aberrance.This camp's standard bearer is Domilise's which I love dearly but know to interject"none of the red stuff please"when I order.

                      I belong to camp one.She apologizes profusely and moments later returns with a fresh meal.

                      This po boy is delicious.A skilled hand in the kitchen has fried my seafood and stuffed it into a good loaf most likely from Phoenicia bakery.A good sized fistful of hot french fries,crinkle cuts from the freezer to be sure-but tasty-completes the combo.

                      11 bucks for a half sandwich,fries and Ozarka means that Flying Falafel is on my special treat lunch list.The family that runs it is extremely nice and you're well tended to while you're there it's simply too expensive for me to eat there with the frequency I'd like.



                      1. re: scrumptiouschef

                        I will drive to this place eat their po-boy. Thanks for the ketchup warning... I too am in Camp #1.