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Feb 13, 2010 03:59 PM

chocolate chip cookie recipe

Hi all;

I was about to make chocolate chip cookies from a recipe in a cookbook I have and found that the recipe calls for shortening, which I don't have at hand right now. My question is; is shortening necessary or can I double up on the butter or something?

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  1. There are lots of recipes that use only butter, not shortening, including my favorite chocolate chip recipe (search for "gross anatomy cookies" to find the recipe posted on here). The texture and the taste will be different, but you can certainly do it.

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      They will be flatter and firmer with butter, but will taste SO much better! I like flat, crisp cookies so I use melted butter, cooled for 5 minutes at room temp.

    2. So would you suggest just doubling the amount of butter called for?

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        Use butter instead of the total amount of fat in the recipe - it sounds like the one you are referring to calls for both butter and shortening. Sub in a 1:1 ratio by measure. Then melt if you wish.

      2. I routinely substitute butter for shortening in equal amounts with good results. Now, I just need an excuse to make cookies so I can melt that butter. Love love love thin buttery cookies.

        1. same measurements I think, butter to shortening, at least that's what I have always done...

          being under the weather for about a week, wanted to do something to change my mood and take my mind off pain so I chalked up 3 different kinds of chocolates and made the standard tollhouse cookie recipe, which, by the way, was the only one my MIL ever used. for me though, not my favorite.
          but, wanted to chunk up these 3 different chocolates, and do 3 very different batches, all using the same dough, but using each their own chocolate.
          peppermint patty chocolate
          hersheys dark chocolate
          cookies and cream white chocolate.
          the hershey's dark chocolate one are done, got 24.
          the cookies&cream white chocolate just came out, got 18
          in go the peppermint patty's and we'll see.
          only got 17 out of those and they are delicious but completely fell apart, oh well, I'll cuisinart them and make the topping for a butter cake, like I did fathers day for hubby

          1. just sub in butter for shortening. depending upon texture you're after, i'd recommend chilling the dough for at least a couple of hours, or overnight. then baking straight chilled from the fridge. but that's just the way i achieve the texture i like of crisp on the edge, chewy in the middle.

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              my personal taste likes cookies with butter instead of shortening although I have 2 kinds of crisco at the ready. love the flavor butter imparts.