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Feb 13, 2010 03:02 PM

Restaurant Recommendations?

Hello everyone! I'm looking for good restaurant recommendations in the Fair Lawn, NJ area. We want to go out to dinner, and we're open to most types of food, except sushi. I especially like steak, and Mediterranean cuisine, but anything goes actually. Atmosphere should be nice, and price somewhat decent (around $20 to $30 for an entree). Thanks!

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  1. Your best bet is probably to head over to Oceanos on Saddle River Road

    El Cid is Paramus is Spanish/Portuguese....the portions are large, so you could share and it would fall in your price range.

    There's Bistro 55, located on Route 17 South in Rochelle Park. It has a little bit of everything too.

    El Cid Restaurant
    205 Paramus Road, Paramus, NJ 07652-1314
    (201) 843-0123‎

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      Thanks for replying, I've been to Oceanos and had a bit of a bad experience involving uncooked fish, but I'll definately look at Bistro 55 and El Cid

    2. Oceanos is a CH favorite for Mediterranean seafood. i've never been there, but you can search the Tristate Archives for reviews.

      also, though i prefer the original location in Edgewater, there's the River Palm Terrace on Rte 4. the menu is a pretty traditional steak & seafood affair. some of the entree prices fall on the higher end of your range, but you're paying for prime meats. if you go there, my #1 recommended dish is the wasabi-sesame crusted tuna, served RARE. my parents love their porterhouse for two, and my sister typically gets the country chicken, though on our most recent visit she asked if they would make chicken parm for her...they did, and she said it was great.

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        The River Palm Terrace is RIGHT next to where I live, so I'll definately do some research, thanks!
        If you have any other reccomendations, I'd love to hear them!

        1. re: harajukulovers

          unfortunately i'm not super-familiar with the restaurants out that way so i don't have any other suggestions. and as i said, i prefer the Edgewater location, though to be honest i haven't been to the one in Fair Lawn in several years. you can check out their menu online to see if it appeals to you. i've linked to their "Specials" menu - a lot of the dishes on it are actually available every night. if you want to see the basic standard menu, just click on the "Dinner" link on the left side:

        2. re: goodhealthgourmet

          I'm a big fan of The River Palm Terrace......but I only dine in Edgewater.....regardless of location though, it very hard to spend under $150 on dinner for two. Everything for the most part is a la carte and it adds up quickly......especially the wine and cocktails.

          I do not recommend Friday or Saturday evening dining here......also, if you do not mind hanging out with an older place for steaks is Dinallo's in River Edge. They have the best New York Strip Sliced Steak Sandwich with Fresh Cut Fries at lunch time for approximately $20. Their steak is Prime Grade, but not dry aged. Since the place caters to an older crowd, sharing is common and expected. ... so while the steak may be in the high 30's, it's large enough to share and it keeps the total tab down. It's quite common to see patrons order a couple of appetizers and only one entree. You will not be made to feel uncomfortable in any way dining like so, Whenever I go with my group of guys, it's what we do. Dinallo's is nothing innovative....just high quality ingredients. They lean towards Italian and have the best pounded veal dishes and Pork Braciole. The fish is very good as well. If you ever had a problem, I would be very surprised. The owner is a seasoned restauranteur for many years in the area.

        3. You might go up to Ridgewood and try Mediterraneo. An "off the radar" place that is very busy most nights, a Euro-style storefront with about 15 tables, the food is creative with lots of Mediterranean-eclectic dishes that the chef whimsically whips up. Definitely above average.

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          1. re: menton1

            Thanks, that sounds good. Do you know if they take reservations? Also, is the food good?

            1. re: harajukulovers

              The food is consistently VERY good, IMHO. And reservations are advised, yes, they take them. FYI, it's a BYOB.

          2. If you like Steak or Meat in General you should try The Stable in Ridgewood. It offers a Rodizio option where they keep bringing around all types of meat or you can order off the Menu. It is BYOB and would fit in your price range. We had a really good dinner there not too long ago.