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Feb 13, 2010 02:38 PM

Pizza Barn - Newington, CT

I know they closed (10?) years ago, but hopefully someone has information on what happened or where the owners went. I discovered them about a week before the closing, and it was a magical experience. The crust was like nothing I've ever had before or since. Flaky, crunchy, crispy, and chewy, all at the same time.

Anyone know if they opened up shop somewhere else? If not, does anyone remember the pizza and know of a place serving similar food?

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  1. sorry I didnt see this sooner, Pizza barn was good pizza. we used to come from across town, pass 2 other pizza joints to go there.
    Newington Pizza used to be good. Pizza Pal on S.Main in New Britain was good also.
    man, all the real good places that closed down is a shame.

    Pizza Pal & Restaurant
    150 S Main St, Thomaston, CT 06787

    Newington Pizza Restaurant
    75 Market Sq, Newington, CT 06111

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Ratbuddy, I had replied with the answer to your question, but the moderators deleted my post due to the fact that I posted an entire article from the Hartford Courant.

        If you do a Google New Archive search on " 'Pizza Barn' Newington", you will find the article from 1995 about the Pizza Barn's owners being sued for having provided drinks to someone who later caused a crash that killed himself and 2 others.

        1. Hrm, not getting any hits on that search.

          riffjamer, Newington Pizza is closed?? That's a shame, they make (made?) a great greek pie.

          Newington Pizza Restaurant
          75 Market Sq, Newington, CT 06111

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          1. re: ratbuddy

            I didn't say Neington pizza is closed.
            I just thought of all the good places that DID close.
            Where is my original post?