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Feb 13, 2010 02:31 PM

Late Night Restaurant/Bar not far off Rt 95N or 91N in Connecticut

Driving from NYC to Portland Maine Valentine's Day Evening, and would love to stay somewhere along the way for the night in CT. If there's a great late-night spot that serves food, even small plates, but especially if there's a raw oyster bar- please let me know!

I'll be driving through Greenwich, Norfolk, Fairfield, Bridgeport, Hartford, etc.

Thank you!

(Any cheap motel ideas along the way would be nice too)

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  1. 116 Crown ( ) is a fun bar with small plates, kitchen open til midnight, bar til 1. It's not far from the New Haven green, and the Omni isn't far either. (they also have a bar and restaurant). Barcelona (Spanish/Tapas) is open til midnight...

    I don't know how late-night you are thinking, but most things in CT close up pretty "early".

    Oh, and if you stop in New Haven, you can go from 95, then continue on to 91N when you leave.