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Feb 13, 2010 01:23 PM

Cana Latin Kitchen & Bar, Town Square, Las Vegas, NV

Met a friend for dinner here a week ago on his suggestion...What a wonderful surprise.
Cana is a beautiful, small Tapas bar/restaurant located in the heart of Town Square.

The space was small and intimate decorated in dark it a sexy vibe.

The restaurant has an extremely large patio which wraps around the building.
It looks as if there may be more outdoor seating than indoor...which will be nice when the Las Vegas weather warms up.

The menu is quite limited....I think we tried almost everything.

We started w/ the Ceviches, which we were told took a while as they were made to order.
We had the Hirame w/ lychee, lime and lavender, the Himachi w/ lime, yuzu and soy paint (beautiful presentation), and the scallop w/ mango, mint.
The Ceviches were all fresh, flavors were crisp, clean and identifiable.

We then moved on to the Bocadillos.....
The Piggyback dates came first stuffed w/ goat cheese. These were amazing!
We also enjoyed the Papas w/huancaina sauce, meatballs in a callampa sauce topped w/ pickeled jalapenos, the mac and cheese w/ habenero jack (this was fabulous) The corn dogs w/ chorizo in a tangerine habenero mustard, the crispy shrimp in the chicarron sauce....I'm sure I've skipped a few!

Everything was delicious, service was promt and attentive. The entire waitstaff seemed knowledgeable in all the preparations, combinations and suggestions.

We topped the meal off w/ an order of churros dusted w/ cinnamon and sugar.
What a treat!

Cana was a unexpected pleasure in a sea of Chain restaurants in TownSquare.
I look forward to my next visit!

They are open until 2am!

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  1. Thanks for the first report. I take it that this is primarily a Peruvian place? Some of the dishes seem like straight Spanish.

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      It would be closer to a Spanish tapas than Peruvian - some of the ceviches break with tradition, and have a bit of an Asian influence. But you can get a bottle of Cusquena, which makes all ceviche go down smoothly, and a proper pisco sour.

      1. re: QAW

        the ceviches definitely "modernized" - thought the two i had were more like sashimi then ceviche. The pisco sour was excellent , yet the sangria , hmmm - well, again, i guess more of a modern take and they didn't have a red sangria. Not sure if this is standard or they simply ran out. The dates stole the show . This will be my regular stop ,post - movie, though i think i need to give Anthony's Coal Fired Pizzeria a 2nd chance especially since i liked the chicken wings. of course, if i have a sweet tooth then yogurtland gets the nod

        1. re: kjs

          I just read that the restaurant has closed.