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Feb 13, 2010 01:22 PM

Help to find great food from folks in NH :)

Hey All, New to the boards. I live in NH. Am heading to TN in May. Will be arriving in Nashville for one night, then driving to Memphis for 3 days. Any great eats in either place AND along the trek from Nashville to Memphis would be greatly appreciated!!!!! We LOVE BBQ, time. Thanks again.

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  1. I live in MA but spent a few days in nashville in '93. I asked some beat cops (one grew up 15 miles from where I live!) where to go for BBQ and following their recommendations, had burnt ends and smothered greens at Jack's. I still remember that wonderful, tender, candy-like meat....

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      Thanks so much! Burnt ends and smothered greens, oh yum! What a great idea to ask beat cops, good for you :)

    2. For the absolute best Que in Tn you need to stop in Lexington. It's just over the Tennessee river on the way to Memphis, off of I-40. It's the best que I've seen outside of eastern NC. There are three joints in town that cook whole hog, over wood, "slowly"! I am not kidding, it's the best. Just ask where to go when you get into town and they will tell you. I am not kidding, It's the best in TN and worth the time to go. In Nashville there are several great restaurants it just depends on how much $ you want to spend and what you feel like eating.

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        Thanks sooooo much farmboy236. We will go here for sure. As far as $$$ in Nashville, we're not needing atmosphere, just reeeeaaaallllly good food. Any suggestions? Again, thanks so much!

      2. I've lived in Memphis a couple years now and my favorite BBQ place is Central BBQ. For CHEAP, but still very good BBQ try Interstate BBQ (AKA the Neely's). These are a bit off the beaten path of Beale Street, but worth it.

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          Hey Chow Hound, thanks sooo much !!!! Am adding it to the list! Can't wait for the trip.

        2. My favorite chopped pork sandwich in Memphis is at Payne's BBQ.
          My favorite ribs are either Central BBQ or The BBQ Shop.

          If I were you, I would save the barbecue for Memphis and look for other things in Nashville. The best barbecue in Nashville would be rated average in Memphis. And this is from a lifelong Nashvillian.

          If I had to recommend one place to you in Nashville, it would be Arnold's. But Arnold's is only open Monday through Friday for lunch only. If you can't make it there, go to Monell's. Both of these are not far from downtown.

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            Wow, thanks for the heads up! We will be in Nashville on Monday and Friday night so looks like we stand a chance! Thanks so much for your help. Am really looking forward to the trip. I hate cold and here in NH it's been pretty wise! Thanks again!