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Feb 13, 2010 01:03 PM

Drinking in the South End

Where do you guys go for cocktails in the South End? I spend most of my time at Green Street, ES, Deep Ellum, etc. I am meeting up with some friends at Myers & Chang and trying to think of a bar to go after dinner. Any suggestions?

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  1. It will be a frenetic night everywhere in the South End: all those V-Day diners. I might try the Franklin Cafe Southie, which isn't far from M+C, about a ten-minute walk over the W. 4th Street Bridge. More a beer and highballs kind of place, but you'll have room to stand at J.J. Foley's Cafe, a mere block from M+C. Little-known and possibly a refuge is the bar at Oishii Boston, just across the street from M+C: pricey, with so-so bartending and horrible specialty cocktails, but you're looking for a place to stand; it's not a night to be picky about drink-mixing skills. Usually empty (because it's horrible these days) is the Red Fez, a little further down Washington. Saturdays in the South End are crowded anyway, but tonight should be especially nuts. Good luck!

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      Heading in the other direction, you have Beehive on Tremont & Waltham, although it is a stretch to assume you can get in without a long wait and that there won't be a private or special event.

      Also Delux Cafe (Clarendon & Chandler) and Coda (Dartmouth & Columbus).

      The South End is lacking in pure bar/tavern establishments, with J.J. Foley's a notable exception. I suspect all the bar+restaurant shops are going to be packed with Valentines' Day diners and not the best scene for drinks. Good luck!

    2. There are no places to drink in the SE ;-).

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        I love The Butcher Shop, but you'll go broke "drinking" there. But for one drink, it's the best place in the South End.

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          Nice atmosphere, but The Butcher Shop is still the biggest gouger on wines by the glass in the South End (and it's still not full liquor). I like the fortified wine selection these days, though.

        1. Your post doesn't specify Valentine's Day, so I'll offer that there are decent to good cocktails to be had at Toro (actually shockingly good if you can get a spot at the bar), Franklin Cafe, Gaslight, and Union - and remember that Drink is but a short taxi ride away if you want real craft.

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            Thanks everyone. I knew what was out there, but I figured I would give it a try. We decided to avoid the Valentine's Day crush and had burgers at Audobon and some tasty Friscos at ES!