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Feb 13, 2010 12:42 PM

Breakfast near Drexel

Hello all - first time posting on the Philly board - thanks in advance for your advice. We will be at a program at Drexel next weekend with my son and we're looking for a great breakfast place. Staying at the Sheraton University City and we won't have a car - taking the train in and out. Would love to find a locals kind of a place that serves a great, standard breakfast. Nothing fancy needed - just good, hearty breakfast food. Thanks for your help.

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  1. I think it's a little tough to find a locals breakfast place in University City, given all the students. If you want something close, White Dog Cafe is a great place for breakfast, locally/sustainably sourced, etc.

    From where you are, you're a short walk, subway, or cab ride to Center City, although the cab ride makes breakfast slightly more expensive, I suppose. Ants Pants Cafe on South Street is a good local place, with great food.

    Lots of good recs for the Reading Terminal Market on this board. Stick with the Dutch Eating Place for sit down breakfast (providing that we're talking about a Saturday here, not a Sunday).

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    1. re: urbanfabric

      Ants Pants looks terrific and my son is thrilled as he has friends in Australia that he would love to visit. This will at least be a bit of taste of Australia until he can get there.
      Thank you so much!

      1. re: famcruisefun

        I second the Ants Pants suggestion - recommend the bacon stack and an order of their sweet potato fries!

        1. re: sockii

          yes, the bacon stack is awesome!

          also, take note, if you plan to walk, the south street bridge is closed for a long-term replacement project, despite its presence on maps!

      2. re: urbanfabric

        If you do wait on the Ants Pants Cafe, the Dutch Eating Place in the Reading Terminal Market is readily accessible from the Sheraton via the (Blue) MFL Subway at 34th and Market St, a block from your hotel. Just take it eastbound and get off at the Market East Station at 11th St. and then walk a block or two to Reading Terminal (which can be done indoors if the weather is bad). If you are going this week the subway is only $1 each way as some sort of promotion that the city is doing, You could also take the green line trolleys but they would be a bit slower and more crowded.

        The Reading Terminal Market is a great sight to see and I can personally vouch for the pancakes and the apple dumplings at the Dutch Eating Place. Nothing frou-frou or trendy here, just good hearty fare. Two caveats, I'd pass on the market on Sunday, since a lot of the merchants (and all of the Amish vendors) are closed and if you go on the last weekend in February or the first weekend in March you will be fighting the crowds of people attending the Flower Show.

      3. there is a great food truck that serves breakfast tacos on drexel's campus. not good for a sit down meal but definitely good for a philly experience. it's called honest tom's taco truck and it is on 33rd street near arch (between market and arch). i love those tacos, but am not sure if he is at that location on the weekends....

        and as you may have inferred, there aren't many good breakfast spots in UC. BUT! on the ground floor of the sheraton is the newest branch of the sang kee noodle house and they specialize in all sorts of asian soups. i could eat there every day. there is also a wawa directly across the street and a dunkin donuts a block away (and two starbucks too) if you get stuck...

        ants pants isn't super convenient for you guys if you are going to try to squeeze breakfast in before a seminar. but if you will be leaving your son at the seminar and then checking out breakfast spots then it should be great.

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        1. re: mazza3

          He is at Clark Park on Saturdays, closed Sundays.

          Breakfast Tacos + Clark Park would be a very nice West Philly experience (if the weather is decent), but it is not super close to Drexel campus; probably about as far as Ants Pants but a very different neighborhood. You could take the 34 trolley there easily (also a very West Philly experience!). Actually if you go out that way, there are some other places there like the Green Line coffee shop and Rx, though I am not qualified to make a recommendation.

          Also follow his Twitter, apparently he has been having some issues with the snow:

          1. re: barryg

            that blows!! i went there between snow storms (monday or tuesday last week), so i guess that will have to hold me over....grrr. i wish he did options like you find in austin, but the mix of ingredients he uses is so crave-able....

          2. re: mazza3

            Unfortunately, we're all attending the events at Drexel which start at 10. Maybe if we're there at 8 when they open? (Wish me luck getting a 17 year old up and out that early...) I was thinking we'd walk, but with the South Street Bridge closed...hmm - - any hints how to get there - or should we just save this one for the fall when we move him in at Drexel?

            1. re: famcruisefun

              there is a taxi stand right out front of the sheraton, so you shouldn't have a problem getting anywhere. i just checked white dog's site and they don't open for brunch until 10.30. if you don't mind another option - the 34th street subway stop is 2 blocks away and the #10 trolley stop is half a block away. you take either east into the city and get off at 13th street, walk a block to 12th and then north 1.5 blocks to the reading terminal and you will have down home diner and the dutch eating place (plus the reading terminal itself, which is great). the subway ride is only about 5 minutes, so it really isn't too far out of your way.

              1. re: famcruisefun

                You can also walk across the Walnut or Chestnut St bridges since South St is closed, there isn't much of a difference from where you are coming from. Turn right on 23rd St to get to South St. But yea taking the El or Trolley down to RTM is very fast. The trolley stop by RTM is called Juniper; it's the last one going Eastbound. However, taking the trolley eastbound is not eligible for the $1 promotional fare. You can get in for $1 going back because the fare control is combined for subway and trolley.