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Feb 13, 2010 12:32 PM

Curry Village

My son and I had dinner last night at Curry Village, the new Indian place on 9th Ave. between Irving and Judah. Decor is a step up from the curry dives of the Tenderloin, but it's the food that will, I hope, draw big crowds. (I was surprised to see it relatively empty.)

We had samosas (served with two sauces -- tamarind and mint -- as well as chana masala), chicken tikka masala, bhindi masala, rice and naan. Samosas were fine but are rarely a favorite of mine (the nine year old held sway), and the CTM was excellent. Not as creamy and heavy as Pakwan's, it had a good hint of tamarind and was fairly spicy. Okra was superb.

Service was extraordinary. The owners are trying hard to make a go of it. They were pleased to see a nine year old chowing down and asked him about his tolerance for hot food. They later brought him a mango lassi (on the house). Food was served piping hot, and water glasses were refilled promptly. I was also pleased to see the staff deal patiently and gently with a drunk patron. Had he been loud and difficult, they might have ushered him out, but he was sleepy and quiet, and they treated him with respect and, in the end, just a bit of firmness.

It's no match for the likes of Amber, but of the inexpensive Indian places in town, this is the best I've encountered.

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  1. I second that, Tobias. Very friendly, very tasty, hope they make it.

    1. Thanks for the report, hope we hear from others as well soon. The folks behind Curry Village were the original owners of Little Delhi in the Tenderloin.

      Little Delhi
      83 Eddy St, San Francisco, CA 94102

      1. Here's info on Curry Village (I couldn't add a link). I seems to be across the street from Tasty Curry where I ate twice maybe two years ago (thought I posted about it but can't find it). I thought Tasty Curry was indeed very tasty and also inexpensive. Has anyone been to both places?

        Curry Village
        1386 9th Ave. (bet Irving & Judah)

        Tasty Curry
        1375 9th Ave (bet Irving & Judah)

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        1. re: Mick Ruthven

          I was at Tasty Curry once about three or four years ago. Wasn't crazy about it so have never returned.

          1. re: Mick Ruthven

            I've eaten at Tasty Curry countless times and I think it's great. I love the Lamb Palak and Chicken Mali Botee special. The portions are sizeable and always fresh. They are doing a new weekend brunch buffet which looks interesting. havn't been able to try it yet. Their web site has their menu so you can order ahead for food to-go.

            1. re: video1

              >I've eaten at Tasty Curry countless times and I think it's great.<

              Have you also been to Curry Village?

            2. re: Mick Ruthven

              I've been to Tasty Curry about 20-30 times, and Curry Village 3 times. In my opinion, both are better than the Naan-n-Curry on Irving. I definitely like Tasty Curry, but Curry Village takes the gold. It's dynamite. The navratan korma is delish. The buffet on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is a good bargain.