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Feb 13, 2010 12:12 PM

Wichita - Tony's Tacos

OK Hounds, housed in a former Dairy Queen on East Central is a little slice of heaven named Tony’s Tacos which is not just a taco joint but has a large variety to choose from… burritos, tortas, tostadas, enchiladas and of course various combo plates. One of the best aspects of Tony’s is that Tony opens at 7 AM and is directly in my path to the university. Can you say Huevos Rancheros and Breakfast Burritos? Two double tortillas, two eggs, rice and beans for 5 bucks? Crazy. How about Machaca and Eggs? This place is the bomb and there’s nothing on the menu over $7. I ate there four times this week and I’ll be back for more next week. Very authentic food, very well prepared and I hope the guy shuts down every Taco Bell in town with the food he’s throwing out. Help me out Hounds… try Tony out and help me preserve my slice of heaven in the morning… and at noon… and on the way home.
Tony’s Tacos, 2716 E. Central.

Tony's Tacos
2716 E Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67214

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  1. I have GOT to stop in there, I drive past it every day and see the specials on the sign out front. I feel so guilty every time I take the easy way out and eat "chain".

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      Well, for an update... I did get around to trying the rellenos, a personal favorite of mine when done right. I have to say that they let me down a bit. Anaheims for the peppers, and no ranchero sauce... but I did get it to go that day and I didn't ask about sauce. So my bad I guess. On the plus side, everything else is just great. The Colorado Burrito was HUGE and could feed a family of four, nicely spiced and just under $5. And the taquitos with the guac and cheese have become an after job snack. Delicious.