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Feb 13, 2010 11:45 AM

Chocolate Door Chapel Hill

I read this week in the Daily Tarheel and on several friends' Facebook pages that a new chocolate shop called the Chocolate Door has opened on the west end of Franklin Street.

I meant to stop in late this week but didn't make it. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. I also saw this about a week or so ago in the Independent and have wanted to check it out. I'm usually not on Franklin. Is this over where W.B. Yeats use to be? It's nice to have something closer than Stam by. Chocolate shops can be fairly expensive, but hopefully it will stick around for a long while. Plus if they can partner with some other businesses that would be great. Apparently, the lady who owns the shop has the last name of... Rosensweet I believe..

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      I have been to The Chocolate Door already a few times. It is across from the Chapel Hill News, in a brick building. I am very happy with the balsamic fig, and the Mayan, and they had a beautiful box made of chocolate for Valentines. The owner's name is Meghan Rosensweet (I have one of the business cards).

    2. in what edition of the dth did you see this?

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        End of the week I think. Maybe Thursday. I can't recall if it was an ad or a story. It is also possible that I saw it elsewhere and mentally inserted it into UNC's paper of record.