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Feb 13, 2010 11:07 AM

Superstition Farm's "Farm to Fork" Dinner Series

Since it's such a beautiful day for the kick-off dinner, I thought I'd mention that Superstition Farm is holding this "Chef du Moo" every second Saturday monthly through June. They'll have a guest chef and an all-local menu.

I'm looking forward to today's event, which will be Lou Swartz making pork (from the Meat Shop) osso bucco with fresh herb papardelle pasta and other courses with produce from local farms (Back Yard Organic Garden, Desert Roots Farm), dairy from Superstition, and dessert from Udder Delights. Future guest chefs will include a couple of my favorites - James Porter and Payton Curry. Dinner is $65 pp and $80 with wine.

More info here:

A couple of local articles:

Superstition Farm
3440 S Hawes Rd, Mesa, AZ

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  1. Reporting back -

    We had such a fun time last night. For the wine hour before dinner they were offering wine for $5 a glass with crackers and some of Superstition's farmer's cheeses. They were serving a riesling (didn't see the winery) and the rest were from one of my favorite AZ wineries - Arizona Stronghold. I sipped on the Dayden rosé, E had the Nachise, and they also had the Mangus. These were also served with dinner as wine pairings (especially liked the rosé with the first course). We had a chance to chat with Casey, Alison and Jason, which was so nice, and they had live music throughout the night for the event.

    The meal was delicious. Chef Swartz served it in three courses as "breakfast, lunch and dinner", all featuring pork from The Meat Shop, and dessert from Udder Delights:

    "Breakfast": Poached egg with broccoli shoots and jalapeno-spiced ham hash (so good) with Superstition hollandaise
    "Lunch": Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich with Pickled Fennel Slaw (loved the fennel slaw with this) on a mini-bun with a fresh garden salad with herb vinaigrette
    "Dinner": Pork Osso Buco with fresh pappardelle pasta and braised cabbage
    Dessert: A fabulous cheesecake trio - cherry, lemon and fennel (my favorite), and oops now I forget the third, all made with Superstition's ricotta.

    A highlight of the night were the nice people we were seated with (dinner was set up on two long tables with benches). Next to me was a friend I "knew" from Twitter, but was meeting for the first time, and across from us was the aunt and uncle of Superstition's manager Jason, and - small world - Chowhound ArizonaJim (who I had met before at a Tapino locavore dinner) and his wife who also own a dairy farm. For our meal, they were actually a couple short on the osso bucco due to more people than those who had RSVP'd showing up. Jason's uncle kindly gave us his osso bucco so when they brought out the plates of delicious braised pork as a substitute, we gave him one of ours and it worked out - the four of us were able to try two different main courses, perfect! We had such a great time, and in fact were some of the last to leave. We have plans to meet again at FnB or Tempe's Caffe Boa, so not only did we have a wonderful meal featuring Arizona's local bounty, but I'm sure we've made new friends.

    I also stocked up on some of Superstition Farm's butter, eggs, and three tubs of fresh farmer's cheese - rosemary, garlic & pepper, and pico de gallo. Their vanilla butter was excellent on waffles this morning. I'm so glad I finally got to Superstition Farm, and looking forward to our next visit!

    (I can't seem to link to Udder Delights so I'll post here:)

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    1. re: Rubee

      I'll second Rubee's review. The food was very good and the company was excellent. Casey andf his crew worked out a lot of kinks between their first Locavore dinner last year and this one, and I highly reccomend attending the next one in March.

      I would like to commend the Stechnij's and Chef Lou for pulling this off. Prior to the start of the evening, they had 45 RSVPs, and due to the large number of walk-ins, they managed to serve about 72 dinners. All in all, its pretty impressive that they only ran short by two dinners. So. I'd just like to remind everyone that things go smoother when you make reservations.

    2. Just FYI:

      The menu for the second dinner at Superstition Farm this Saturday, March 13, is now up on their Facebook page. It's even more budget-friendly: Four courses at $40 per person, $65 with wine! Guest chef is Chef Romeo Taus of Romeo's Euro Café in Gilbert.

      First 3 courses:

      Smoked ham savory cheesecake with braised Tuscan kale, pancetta gastrique, and confetti slaw.

      Roasted beets with fennel, scallions, red cabbage, oranges, herbed cheese, honey, EVOO, and citrus dressing, sea salt buttered cibatta bread topped with radishes.

      Grilled pork tenderloin & bacon pinwheels with cauliflower puree, roasted carrots, and red chard-wrapped garlic flan, and Sonoran BBQ sauce.

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      1. re: Rubee

        I cannot help but ask after seeing the picture in the Republic with the cows standing right beside the tables. Odor? Is there the lovely aroma of Dairy Farm permeating the dinner service? We live quite close to a dairy in Chandler and know it can be offputting at times.

        1. re: azeater

          Yes, you definitely know you're on a dairy farm when you step out of the car ; )

          For the dinner we attended, however, they had moved the tables further away from the cows and set them up behind the store.

          1. re: azeater

            Some of us live right on dairies and don't find them off-putting in the least ;)

            Anyway, I've attended both of Superstition Farms dinners and have yet to have anyone mention to me that it smells particularly bad.

            They did move the dinners closer to the store and out of the feed alley after the first dinner to make delivering food to the tables faster.