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2010 Must Try List

My top three for the year are:
Lorena's in Maplewood
Trinity in Keyport
Uproot in Warren
I'm sure there's more but that's all I have for now.
Oh I hope elements is on most of your lists since only a handful of chowhounders have been there.

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  1. Good list. I've got Le Fandy, Rossi's, and Blue Bottle as my top three.

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    1. re: MGZ

      I think I need a rossiburger in 2010.

      1. re: AC Captain

        You simply cannot go wrong with a Rossi burger. It's all about the flavor of the meat! YUM! Might have to go back one night this week after class! -mJ

    2. If you haven't given the Belford Bistro a try, consider adding this wonderful restaurant to your 2010 list. Also, Niko's Trapezi A Greek Taverna in Long Branch has become a week day lunch favorite for my husband and I when he's home. Evening/weekend dining traffic has increased for both of these (fairly new) establishments for good reason. And, both have been highlighted on this board to extensive and most favorable review.

      1. My 2010 list is:
        Blue Bottle
        Lorena's (completed 2/13/2010)
        Nomad Pizza restaurant

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          Great list. Hope you enjoyed Lorena's I can't wait to get there.
          I think I have to add Ama to my list, so many places to try in 2010.

        2. Ama
          Catherine Lombardi (for drinks)
          El Familiar
          Super Pollo II
          Blue Bottle

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              Blu is in Montclair... while it has earned some rave reviews, others use the word "overrated." However, I've spoken directly to some people who have been and heard nothing but raves about the food. Either way, I'm intrigued.
              BTW, Blu also was named as a top restaurant by NJ Monthly, which I know doesn't always mean all that much.


          1. Lorena's is excellent. So is CulinAriane in Montclair.

            Where is Rossi's?

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              Rossi's is in Chambersburg (Trenton): http://www.rossiburger.com/

              Our list includes:


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                I hit Rossi's again last night! So good, and I highly recommend asking for the homemade chips with your burger over the fries, that is assuming you are going there for a burger. So good! -mJ

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                  mmm Trenton is quite out of the way for a Jersey City resident.

                  I'm looking forward to getting back to CulinAriane. ;) and Lorena's

                  1. re: ChefJune

                    Definitely a heck of a haul for a burger, but damn it is good! -mJ

              2. Trinity
                Belford Bistro

                1. Our new to try list for the next few months:
                  Blue Bottle
                  Atlantic Bar & Grill

                  1. A Toute Huere in Cranford should be an addition to your list.