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Feb 13, 2010 10:39 AM

Potato salad w/shredded carrot?

I recently tasted a potato salad dressed in a mayonnaise that was flavored with what turned out to be a finely shredded (in a food processor) carrot. The salad also had colored, diced bell peppers and onion. Does anyone know if this salad has an official name or origin, or whether this is just a common (or uncommon) improvisation? I couldn't find a similar recipe online. TIA.

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  1. I always make my potato salad with shredded carrot, I use a vegetable peeler and then chop it smaller. Not a ton of it, more just for color. No bell peppers, I use celery, but if you like them why not. A small amount of sweet onion chopped fine. When I cooked at a deli, we would make the potato salad and then make lines of chopped carrot and chopped parsley to decorate, then when you served it it was mixed in. I don't know if putting the carrot in the dressing would be much different than mixing it in at any other stage. Was this more of a vinegary kind of German salad, or mayonaisse/mustard kind of Penn Dutch?

    1. I've never heard it called anything except Southern Potato Salad - can't authenticate that as an "official" label but it'll work until something better comes along.

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        Maybe a confetti potato salad? That ring a bell to anyone else?


        She calls it Southern-Style, also.

      2. The key to its success is using a SMALL amount of carrot and green pepper (I also sometimes see celery)

        1. Growing up in Long Island, NY our delis and kosher delis mostly had short shards of carrots in the potato salad. I've always made my potato salad with bits of carrots and finely minced shallot instead of onion - no hard boiled eggs, celery or green peppers. Also, the potato are shredded thin slices not cubes or quartered. Minced parsley all over once the dish is completed with Hellmans mayo. I also make a version using half light Hellman's mayo and vinegar with dijon. It's so good. Don't know if your version has a name but most regions or individual states have their own version of Potato Salad. I love the stuff but not a fan of the "home-style" versions with big chunky pieces of potato, Also, as you may know almost all countries have a version of Potato Salad and it coul be a modified version of a Russian recipe. celery or chopped eggs. To that end, I think it may be a variation... What state and/or city did you taste this version and did you purchase some or order it at a restaurant?

          1. Small portions of carrot, bell pepper and onion sounds like a winner to me, although I can't say for certain I've ever seen that combination in tater salad.