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Feb 13, 2010 10:28 AM

Cake decorations and supplies

Looking for retail places that sell cake decorations and supplies . Preferably in the West of the Island or Laval West of the 15 and open on weekends.

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  1. France Décor Canada
    290 boulevard Henri-Bourassa Ouest
    Montreal, QC H3L 1N7, Canada
    (514) 331-5028


    Three locations:

    Ares Kitchen and Baking Supplies
    2355-A Trans-Canada Highway
    Pointe-Claire Quebec
    Canada H9R 5Z5
    Montreal local: (514) 695-5225
    Fax: (514) 695-0756

    Ares Kitchen and Baking Supplies
    1501 Boulevard des Promenades
    St-Hubert, Quebec
    Next to the Promenades St-Bruno
    Tel: (450) 926-ARES (2737
    )Montreal direct: (514) 905-0356
    Fax: (450) 676-0342

    Ares Kitchen and Baking Supplies
    Centre Laval
    1550 blvd. Le Corbusier local 501
    Laval Quebec
    Canada H7S 1Y8
    Montreal local: (450) 902-1030
    Fax: (450) 902-1027

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      Another note on France decor, the sign in the window says some other name. Vixit?

      1. re: hala

        That's the other name it's known under.

    2. What about in that shopping centre on sources near Cardinal Pointe Claire Shopping center (I think that is the name ) there is a spice store en vrac but they have all kinds of different cake pans and decorations in the back

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      1. re: Matash

        It's called Papillon, and they do have a good selection. They rent lots of Wilton cake pans in special shapes, too.

        Does anybody know of a place NOT in the West Island, and preferably close to Villeray, that rents cake pans?

      2. Just a side note: France Decor is closed on Sundays and closes early on Saturdays (one o'clock if i'm not mistaken).
        Also, Bulk Barn in Marche de L'ouest has a nice selection, and the Wilton fondant they sell is slightly cheaper then France Decor & Ares.
        For supplies such as pans, baking sheets, boxes and bulk ingredients (flour, sugar, Barry cocoa, etc), there's the Provigo Entrepot in Chomedey, Laval on Cure-Labelle (in between Notre Dame & Souvenir I think.......)

        1. Tzanet is my first stop when I search for baking supplies. I've picked up my cake pans, silpats, and piping tips from there. You have to dig to find the right sizes, but they have more selection than other restaurant supply stores. Up to 12" square and round and 12"x18" rectangular pans. When I can't find the right size, I go to Ares and spend the extra money.
          France Decor (upstairs) has a great selection of cake decorations. It depends on what it is you are looking for.

          9600 Boulevard De l'Acadie
          Montréal, QC
          (514) 381-0000

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