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Feb 13, 2010 09:11 AM

FSK Mall in Frederick

I have to spend a few hours up in Frederick tomorrow while my wife has things to do at the mall.....are there any sports bars close by I can waste some time at? Watch the race, maybe a few micro's and apps. I haven't been in that area in close to 20 years, don't know what's around. It used to be a wasteland. Trying not to stray to far from the mall....

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  1. This place is right across from the FSK Mall area:

    Barley And Hops Grill & Microbrewery
    5473 Urbana Pike
    Frederick, MD 21704-7275
    (301) 668-5555

    Decent food and beer brewed on premises.

    I believe I remember a bar with multiple TV's for sports, etc...

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      Thanks BBQFiend.....looks like the kind of place I was looking for.