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Han Dynasty -- What to order; what to avoid...?

I really feel like I'm missing something here. Based on all of the great write-ups here on CH, I visited Han Dynasty in Exton about a year ago. I knew, going in, that we should ask for the Chinese menu and avoid all of the "typical" Chinese-American dishes. I thought I was doing everything right, but to say I was totally underwhelmed by the dining experience would be an understatement.

As I said this was about a year ago, and I haven't been back since, but I LOVE Asian food and I'm ready to give Han Dynasty another try. I really don't remember much of what we ordered, except for some huge, bland-tasting, ugly-looking meatballs that tasted as if they were all filler with very little meat. I'm up in Exton quite often, and I drive by Han Dynasty all the time. I need some guidance -- some specifics -- for my next visit there. More specifically, I'd like recommendations for (1) appetizers, (2) a soup, (3) a chicken dish, (4) a shrimp dish, (5) a pork dish, and (6) a noodle dish. Tell me what you love at Han Dynasty. And tell me which dishes should be avoided. What's the secret to getting a great meal there? Maybe we should organize a CH meet-up so I can sample the best of what Han Dynasty has to offer.

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  1. I've never been there, but I have been drooling over Philadining's photos and writeup of their Royersford location for some time now:


    That should at least give you some ideas.

    1. We go to the Royersford location often and really dig the chicken with hot dry peppers and dumplings with hot chili oil. From the Exton restaurant I'm partial to the noodles with meat sauce. Wish both locations had the same stuff on the menus!

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      1. I go to the Exton location. My three favorite things on the menu: Cold Sesame Noodle app; Wonton in Chili Oil app; Lamb Hot Pot. I wanted to order the Lions Head Meatballs once; the owner talked me out of it; he candidly admitted he didn't think they were that good.

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          I think those are the meatballs I had! And I'm fairly certain I ordered them because they'd been written up favorably here on CH. Thanks for your recs.

        2. This is what we love in Royersford and they appear to be on the Exton menu online at least:
          both the wontons and the dumplings in chili oil, cold green bean noodles (they are strange but addictive), xia xiang noodle (spicy noodles with minced pork), three cup chicken, deep fried shredded beef, chinese bacon with hot peppers. My husband loves the tea smoked duck, but it is too smokey for me.
          My absolute favorite are the dumplings in hot chili oil and the xia xiang noodles

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            Ate at the Royersford for a Sat lunch last month. Only non-Chinese person in there, which gave me hope. I ordered the tofu with pork in chili oil, the string beans and the stir fry baby bok choy. I took leftovers home and felt that I was very lucky to have such a great Chinese restaurant out here in the burbs.

          2. You need to track down Han and have him to recommend dishes for ya. I've never got a bad meal from Han's recommendations.

            1. Cindy, a word of warning. My wife went today with a club of hers (some 25 ladies) and they thought it was terrible. Soup was cold, sauces were so cold they were gelatinizing, tables were not cleaned and sticky. When they asked for sweetener for their tea, they were told it was at the front of the restaurant, go get it.

              I had also noticed that the Chinese staff at my work (who all used to be big fans) have not been going there for the last year or so. They moved to China Kitchen in the Whiteland Mall.

              I have no explanation to offer but something's up. I remember some very pleasant experiences there in the past, but I found that I did better when I went with a group that involved some Chinese people.

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                Interesting. I wonder if the new locations have taken all of Exton's resources. I'd be eager to hear opinions from long time fans of the Exton location. BTW, where is the Whiteland Mall?

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                  Exton location used to be my favorite chinese restaurant. The last few times though, the food has not been good along with the service. I too would like to know where the Whiteland Mall is.

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                    Northwest corner Bus 30 and 100. I hope I used the right name. I am not a big mall guy, so I often get the names wrong.

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                      Oooooh! I think that's the Whiteland Town Center. In back of (I think) a Holiday Inn Express. I didn't know there was a Chinese restaurant in there. You're not referring to a restaurant that's right on Rt. 100 there -- with a big green sign that has the name -- are you?

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                        Scary commentary. Going with 17 other folks next month. Was in the new Philly spot last month and Han took over the menu. Guess that isn;t going to happen here.

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                          You've got the right mall, Cindy (sorry, I'm lousy with names, and I'm lousy with malls). It has 2-3 restaurants that are at least credible -- Riverstone, Devi (veg Indian) and China Kitchen (again, don't trust my names recollection).

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                            I was up at the Whiteland Towne Center yesterday and rode all through it, but couldn't find any Chinese restaurant. There's an Asian/sushi place, but the name is nothing like China Kitchen. Could that have been the place you were referring to?

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                              I also checked out the Whiteland Towne Center. There is one restaurant called Z-Wei which was chinese/sushi in the Town center and then there was another chinese restaurant in front of the center on Rt.100 across from the K-Mart called China King. Is it either of those two?