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Feb 13, 2010 07:01 AM

El Bulli To Close?

I've been told that El Bullie is closing. Is this permanently, just for awhile? Does anyone know the real story?

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  1. El Bulli will be closed for 2 years. Adria supposedly will be experimenting and bringing new dishes to light.

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          Interesting. Tempest in a Pacojet? This article in El País goes into more detail, and it seems to me he's not quite denying it "all" with the vehemence that suggests, with Adrià calling it a "misunderstanding." I might be reading more into it than is warranted, but it seems to me he's pretty vague/hedgy about what exactly will be reopening in two years...

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            This interview explains it better. The restaurant was never profitable (it couldn't be--I realized this instantly when I ate there--there is no place that puts so much human capital into a plate of food). It sounds as if he wants to refocus efforts on innovation in a direction that doesn't require him to seek out and maintain the accolades associated with being the "best" restaurant in the world:

            It's clear from this and other interviews that whatever reopens won't be the same as before. He has expressed time and again that he is very interested in feeding more than a tiny group of wealthy food obsessives.

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              I suppose you're including yourself in that group? Just joking

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                ¡Para nada! We ate a lot of lentejas to make up for it.

    1. I'm going to assume that we will all know in due course. :-) Ah, the media....

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        Ah, the media....

        Not to mention those zealously protective of their "brands" ;) . Apparently the "confusión dialéctica" has now been clarified (or "elaborated upon" depending on one's perspective!) to everyone's satisfaction (lol):

      2. The original comment has been removed