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Feb 13, 2010 06:48 AM

Where to find garam masala in Richmond, San Pablo?

I want to make chicken jalfrezi tonight and must find some garam masala. Can I get it at Safeway, or do I need to find an Indian grocer? Is there an Indian grocer in my area? There is a Thai grocer on 23rd Street, but I don't know if they would carry any Indian spices.

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  1. Right next to the Smart & Final in Richmond there is an Indian / Fijiian store with a nice selection of spices and other goods. Can't remember the name but here's the Smart & Final info. Smart & Final Cash & Carry
    13110 San Pablo Ave
    Richmond, CA 94805
    (510) 233-1756
    It's in a strip mall that is just off of San Pablo Avenue - to the East.

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        You're very welcome. Look for a big sign near San Pablo Avenue - Dias Plaza.
        There's also a Round Table Pizza in this mall.