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Feb 13, 2010 06:11 AM

Mabel's on Main - Old Town Scottsdale

Has anyone been to Mabel's on Main yet?

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    1. I went there a week or so after they opened but before they started serving dinner. Very cool, retro vibe inside. Wood floors, a few circular leather banquettes, old school furnishings and lights.

      We got there at 7:30 for a pre-dinner drink. It was totally empty. The waitress told us it fills up around 11pm. We asked about wine or a wine list, and she told us they don't really have wine. She said they have a red and a white, and offered no other information at all. Our friends arrived after us and asked the same question. I watched as she said it again, to their amazement.

      I ordered a scotch on the rocks. My glass was filthy, like it had never been cleaned. Lipstick, water stains, nasty. The waitress was no where to be seen, so I went to the bar and showed the bartender. He poured me a new drink, but didn't apologize. I was half expecting him to pour the old drink into the new glass.

      I like Aaron May a lot, and we always enjoyed Sol y Sombra, but this was pretty bad. I think they are looking for a young, club crowd with bottle service, lines out front, etc. I didn't try any food (which they are now serving), but if the service we received was any indication, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a good dining experience. They were only open a week, but if you open the doors you should be able to pour a drink in a clean glass and train the staff enough to at least bring you a wine and cocktail list.

      I'd be interested to hear if anyone has been there since and tried to food.


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        I am a big May fan, loved Sol y Sombra, and over easy is my fav b-fast spot, however, I won't set foot in there unless they are in business for six months, at least. Call me a non-early adopter, but I'll wait for the reviews, whether they come from CHs, yelp, laudig, etc...

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          Umm....they have one beer on tap. No thanks.