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Feb 13, 2010 05:33 AM

Best restaurants in Aix?

Hey guys,

I have recently moved to Provence, just outside of Aix and we're looking for people's favorite places in Aix. I've poked around and seen many places in the Luberon and around (and noted them), but looking for some "in the city."

Would love to get the range of prices, if you're willing to oblige:

1. Cheap - street eats, snacks, ice cream, etc.
2. Lunch - great lunch spots, or even a great dinner spot that is cheaper during the day.
2. Moderate - not a massive hit to the wallet (this probably means around 20-30e/pp here)
3. Pricey - don't need many of these, but if there's something that we simply must do (once), let's hear it.


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  1. May I second the request? I'll be visiting soon, as well.

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      I'm bumping this post up as I'm interested too and there is surprisingly little on aix on this board. Thanks.

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        Hello there,

        I moved to Aix about 3 weeks ago and trust me, I've already found a few good restaurants!

        My favourite for lunch is Le Darius, down towards the Grand Theatre de Provence in the newer part of town. The food is delicious (French), you can sit about in the sun and there is nothing too pretentious about it, though it is lovely. Lunch is about 20 euros (plat du jour) with coffee and desert :D And the creme brulee was fabulous!

        For a quick, reasonably priced dinner (depending on how much you order!) The Tapas restaurant near the little fountain [and the Irish pub] at the start of Rue Espariat is tasty. I ordered 2 tapas dishes, a sangria and was given salsa and chips. 15 euros. To be honest though, you'll probably need 6 tapas to share between two. However this would still be nice. The atmosphere is quite lovely albeit a little played up for the tourists.

        Also, the Burger Bar next door to the Tapas restaurant. It is delicious! I had a VERY tasty and well cooked (medium) Texico burger with bacon and avocado. A nice big tub of chips comes with the burger. Prob 15 euros. I'll surely go back though! And it's a trendy little interior fitout too.

        And finally, for something fancier, the other place I love is in Marseille.. if you ever get there for the evening head to the Cours Julien. There is the most fantastic restaurant called La Garbure, down the hill a bit from the main Cours. It really is delicious food - amazing, and the staff are so friendly. Also the building is very very sweet, it is such a lovely dining experience. They offer you house muscat (delicious) when you get there and a specialty Prune Liquor after desert. It was so lovely. I splashed out with a friend having 3 courses and a bottle of wine (17 euros) and the total came to 81 euros (oh we did share the entree).

        Happy eating. And make sure to tell me any of your secrets too!