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Feb 13, 2010 04:22 AM

Lincoln Lounge Lives Up To The Hype

For a few years people have been telling me to try two places in Mount Vernon for thin crust pizza. Johnny's Pizza and LIncoln Lounge. Last summer I tried Johnny's and we waited 20 minutes in an empty restaurant for this flimsy pie to come out. My first bite almost burnt the skin off my mouth, the 3rd almost gave me frost bite. The pizza tasted no better than any pizza that comes in a box and by my last slice it was so cold and tasteless I didn't want to finish. I held off on the hype of the Lincoln Lounge for almost a year.

So last night two friends decided I needed to try it. The place is as unassuming as you can get. It's a neighborhood bar that doesn't fit in the neighborhood it's in. We got there at 5pm and the place had some people at the bar. That was it. We grabbed a seat in the bar area and I let my dinner guests order. We had a huge bowl of antipasta to start which was crisp and delicious. Simple, but very tasty. A bowl of Calamatta olives and some hot cherry peppers accompanied. We ordered two pies. A regular with sausage and the pan pizza (which is also very thing). The regular was delicious. The sausage was very tasty, but there wasn't so much of it that you couldn't appreciate the pizza. The pan pizza was simple, Tomato, cheese and tons garlic. I mean tons of garlic. I don't know which one was better, because they were so vastly different. I do know one thing. I will be back, sooner than later and Johnny's. Well, I wish them good luck. They seem to be living off a past reputation. I hope it stays that way, so I can assure myself a table at the Lincoln Lounge.

Lincoln Lounge
209 Stevens Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10550

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  1. Thanks, jhopp. I never heard of Lincoln Lounge. I dislike Johnny's restaurant and Johnny's pizza, so Lincoln Lounge sounds like a place to try.

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      Don't go by the is not a great looking place, but well worth the trip.

    2. I've been going to the Lincoln Lounge for almost 30 years now and the quality has not slipped at all. You're right about the appearance, but the food is very good... and the pan pizza has long been among my favorite dishes there. Sadly, I agree with above assessments of Johnny's, it thrives on a reputation that it no longer lives up to. There are other pizza joints with better pizza and a better attitude.

      1. best little unknown place around the food is always great and people are nice we did a taste test between lincoln and johnnys, and lincoln won hands down plus parking is a bit eaiser an suv and johnny lot don't mix

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          upon reading jhopp's review went last night for first time with a large group. It was hands down some of the best pizza I have had in years. the pan pie was great. garlicky enough for most and the fresh tomatoes also gave it some character. The regular pizza was as close to perfection in a NY slice as one can get. Next time I will try some toppings but we wanted to compare notes on plain pies first. PLUS a few at the table got a special 3 inch steak with fried onions that was out of this world good! AND to top it all off you get free "fried dough" at the end! friendly and efficient waitstaff in a great setting. the parking was actually tough but if we had arrived before 7pm maybe it would have been better.