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Feb 13, 2010 03:22 AM

Dim Sum in Flushing Today

Was thinking about heading to Flushing for brunch. Any one have a feel for whether it will be crowded today, Saturday, or are people waiting for New Years tomorrow and therefore it'll be empty?

Any insight? Thanks.

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  1. Crowded, Chinese people celebrate virtually everything by eating.

    Try Ocean Jewels for dim sum if you haven't selected a place.

    1. Try going as early as possible to avoid crowds or as late as possible meaning 10:00am or 2:00 pm. MY guess is that places like Jade Asian and the restaurant formerly known as Gala Manor will be crowded today as well as tomorrow. LOL

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      1. re: budcar

        Thanks for the quick response. Was hopeful we could squeeze it in today since most would hold off until New Years' Day itself, but doesn't sound promising.

        I've actually been going to Ocean Jewel for years, although I did not know the name of the place until recently.

        1. re: slehrer

          Chinese New Year is a week long celebration for many, and month long celebration for some. People have been out in droves, doing shopping (pussy willows, fruits, decorations) and eating.

      2. We went to Ocean Jewels today and was surprised at the number of empty seats. The room was crowded and humming, but we expected it to be packed.

        Corner 28, however, had a line out the door from at least 12-3.