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Feb 13, 2010 02:08 AM

Good sandwiches in Calgary

I don't know if this has been done lately but everytime I go downtown I want sandwiches. I love sandwiches (and I hate most sub type rolls) The perfect bread is a sliced toasted sourdough or rye... looking for special sets of sauces and ingredients... I'm picky and don't eat that much cheese or over-processed deli meats.

Sandwiches I have liked so far:
Cafe Artigiano- panini
Sunterra- turkey and mango chutney!
Peppinos- Vegetarian sandwhich, no cheese, add chicken(has roasted red peppers and eggplant)

And the sanwiches I make:
Big Fish: order the butterlettuce and lobster salad with toast on the side, buttermilk grapefruit dressing, sprouts a squish of lemon and pepper. I'm sure at least someone is offended by my reworkings but it's my favorite 12$ sandwich/salad right now. mmm

What kind of sandwiches I'm looking for(fancy ones):

Vegetarian with organic ingredients(and maybe cream cheese!)
Salads that make good sandwiches
Unique produce and condiments(quinoa? pea shoots? GRAINY mustard, chutneys pestos and tapenades)
All local sourced ingredients
Breadless sandwiches (think thai lettuce wraps, crepes etc)
(mostly parisian, fusion, or european I know where to get viet subs! :) )

Lets make a list for a hungry sandwich searcher/s??

To try #1: Crouque monsieur(from?)

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  1. Le Perigord Sandwich at L'Epicerie. Duck Rillete with Cornichons and grainy mustard.

    Their Croque Monsieur is not bad either.

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    1. re: worldwidestuff

      I was a little disappointed when I went there last, the sandwich was bland(I ordered the smoked salmon with caper with grainy mustard but there wasn't a lot on there) I didn't try the Croque but it came out bubbling, I don't really like cheese but I'm willing to try it because its a classic

    2. check jetgirly's mention of the buddha burger in the thread on cafe koi.

      Caffe Rosso (on Stephen Ave, Convo Centre block across from Glenbow) has gorgeous sandwiches.

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      1. re: John Manzo

        Yeah I had a look at the menu, looks interesting. Cafe sandwiches are good but usually they are pre-built, I heard Deville Cafe has sandwiches and pastry? Perhaps I am looking for either deli's that make sandwiches or restaurants that serve a good variety of them, more gourmet-ish

        1. re: crigg

          Not pre-built- or pre-made if that's what you mean.

          1. re: John Manzo

            good to know, I just hate those dead puck-looking sandwiches in display cases like you would buy at 7-11 or something

      2. Montreal Bagels offers a couple of bagel sandwiches. the lox/cream cheese/red onion/capers is good. they have another one too, i think, but i can't remember what it is.

        1. If you like the panini at Caffe Artigiano, you'll probably like the panini at Rise Bakery. Try their cream of mushroom soup on Wednesdays, too.

          I'll second the sandwiches at L'Épicerie, especially the ones with paté.

          1. This may not be entirely up your alley, but Smokee Lee, in the shack at 6th Ave and 4th St SW does a smoked beef panini called the Mikey. She smokes her own Alberta beef, and the sandwich also includes onions and some sort of a mustardy sauce. I actually like it better than her Montreal Smoked Meat, and the MSM is awesome. It's a takeout joint, so choose your weather carefully. Hmm... it's been a couple of months; I need to revisit soon.

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              I'll have to try it! Mustardy sauce... onions, smokey :D