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Feb 12, 2010 08:14 PM

Places to eat on the UC Berkeley campus

I have a research project and need to do some serious library time at Cal. I'll be visiting the Doe and Environmental Design libraries. I'd like to budget my time wisely and not go off campus for lunch. I primarily eat salads or soup for lunch and the occasional burger. In the alternative, is there a good place to pick up a sandwich close to campus? I am also open to buying something on my way in and eat it at lunch time. I am staying close to the Shattuck entrance and will be on foot. Thanks

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  1. Cafe Mattina, which replaced Cafe Intermezzo

    2442 Telegraph Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94704

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    1. re: kc72

      i'll second Cafe Mattina.

      i wouldnt say there's anything great on campus...only if you need a quick bite or some coffee. Someone mentioned below the cafe near the envi sci library...i personally dont like that place, but if you need something quick, go for it. Best place to go on campus probably is the law school cafe...which is near to the env sci building...good salads and sandwiches. when im on campus and dont want to stray too far, that's where i go.

      1. re: majordanby

        Cafe Zeb on the second floor of Simon Hall- run by the Cafe Strada people.

    2. The FSM cafe is in Moffitt library, a two-minute walk from Doe. Salads, sandwiches, etc., are on offer there. Who would have predicted forty years ago that there would be an officially-blessed institution on campus named FSM?

      1. For ON campus - the burrito shop in the basement of the ASUC building is not bad at all - really good potatoes in the vegi. burrito. The FIFO cafe in Haas is run by Jimmy Beans, so slightly better than your average dining hall food.
        Le Petit Cheval has a decent buffet, IB Hoagies, makes a good cheesesteak)

        1. Cafe Milano on Bancroft, across from campus/Sproul Hall, serves decent and reasonably priced (students, like duh) salads. Top Dog on Center St (near BART) is always good...the lemon or bird dog are pretty healthy along with the usual dogs, brats, etc. Also on Durant.

          1. A second on the Free Speech Movement Cafe. But the line get long at lunch time so plan to get there early. There was an okay sandwich place on the top of Bechtel across Memorial Glade from Doe.

            If you're at the Environmental Design library in Wurster Hall, the cafe at the University Art Museum is across the street from campus; enter through the gates at the western side of the building. Also has a menu of that raw food stuff if you're into that. I think the cafe in Wurster itself serves food.

            Another option is to pick up a sandwich from Sandwich Zone on Shattuck near Center (next to Arinell's pizza) as you walk to campus. It's open very early (6am?)