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Feb 12, 2010 07:52 PM

Where Can I Find a Banana Fritter Donut?

I was watching a food program on tv and they showed a wonderful donut shop somewhere across the country that served banana fritters. I have only seen apple fritters at donut shops-----does anybody know of a place where I can find banana fritters?

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  1. Oh my god, that sounds delicious.

    1. Stan's in Westwood Village doesn't have a banana fritter but they do have a great banana
      peanut butter donut, a peanut butter and chocolate donut and a peanut butter and jelly donut.

      1. a few different places:

        Sushi Central on Overland
        Indochine Cafe in Glendale for Vietnamese style Banana Fritters
        Soi 56 Bangkok on Cahuenga

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        1. re: Emme

          Thanks for the suggestions, but I was looking for something not Asian-style (which are more like banana slices fried tempura-style and served with chocolate or other sauces). What I saw on the Tv food episode looked just like the big apple fritters that are found in donut shops---except they were made using pieces of bananas.

          1. re: HBfoodie

            Sorry about that.

            I was at Trader Vic's on Friday night, and they have Banana Fritters with Rum Syrup on their menu... not sure if they're what you're after either.

            You might call Donut Man in Glendora, and see if just maybe they'd consider doing a specialty donut for you... or at the very least, if you brought in your own bananas, if they'd consider battering them in their batter and frying them :-)

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. can you let us know if you do find one? because dear god, that sounds delicious!!

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              I found a photo showing the kind of banana fritter that I saw on a tv food show. Its found at Voodoo Donuts up in Oregon (they make all kinds of exciting donuts!). I attached a photo of their banana fritter topped with peanut butter and chocolate. It must taste SO good!