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Feb 12, 2010 07:20 PM

Tacos in the car. New haven Taco trucks!

Today me and a GF went to I-95, on the ocean side, near Leon's and ate tacos off the Ixtapa truck! That is all they serve!! They do have cokes and water.
The lingua was the best while the al pastor was very flavorful, but not as tender.
Where can you get a meal for $4? We brought a couple of beers and ate in the car while looking at the ocean. Like is good.

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  1. Thanks for the report. How many trucks were parked along that street the other day? I'm curious how many are there in the dead of winter.

    Also, do you know which Ixtapa truck you went to - I think there are two with the same name. Here's a picture of one: and the other:

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    1. re: adamclyde

      It was more like the second truck, but it had one, rough-hewn hole in the plastic window. There was one older hispanic man inside. Unnecissito hablar y comprende Espanol (it was not necessary to speak or understand Spanish).
      There was one other taco truck, but the name escapes me. There was a Sweeney's truck. Three, total. A great meal though we could have used a bean something or a tamale. Love tamales.

      1. re: adamclyde

        On this beautiful, sunny, spring-like Saturday, at 12:20PM March 6, we saw about a dozen trucks on Long Wharf Drive . Not all were taco trucks, but most were. There was a yellow one I had not seen before. On our return from lunch (at Leon's), we saw a new Mexican restaurant on Water Street near the light at it and Sargent Drive. At the side of the building was an old Ixtapa truck... You could still see the ghost Ixtapa letters on the side.
        I haven't paid much attention, but are there any picnic tables in this area? Do vendors erect anything where you can eat outside your car? When it warms up we could bring a blanket!
        So was interested, but we had planned on Leon's and didn't come prepared to eat tacos... Boo-hoo.

        1. re: Scargod

          I've only eaten on the grass there - and always in the cold blowing wind it seems.

          I don't recall picnic tables, but there very may well have been some and they were just being used.

        2. re: adamclyde

          In your photos there is an open faced beef avocado, lime, shrimp?,plate that looks delicious. What's it called and off which truck?

          1. re: marilynparker

            It's actually just three tacos - the "tacos placero" from the Nexcalli truck. Very good - beef, grilled onions and peppers, avocado, etc. Quite good.

          2. re: adamclyde

            adamclyde: I think the Ixtapa trucks are marked #1 and #2 on their rears. In my experience, #1 is the best taco truck on Long Wharf. Consistent, flavorful, not gross meat.

          3. My favorite Taco cart is in front of Chase Bank on College St. 5 DOLLAR BURRITOS....SOO GOOD........p.s. i dont trust the trucks at long wharf

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            1. re: AveryLane

              Fill us in, why no trust? Curious!