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Feb 12, 2010 06:08 PM

Long Weekend in Bend

I'm going to be takign a 4 day weekend (Fri. - Mon.) in Bend, Oregon, with my GF in a few weeks, and am trying to get a lay of the land. We'll go out to one nice dinner (budget be damned), and would like to get a feel for the local fare otherwise, good brunch/lunch spots and so forth.

There seem to be mixed reviews in the past on Blacksmith, and we're wondering how this is, and if it is basically a steakhouse or if it has more eclectic fare. Being from Tampa, we're well accostomed to great steakhouses (Bern's, Charlies...) and are always into trying something new and interesting.

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  1. For a casual lunch or dinner and microbrews try the Bend Brewing Company. Locally owned and operated. This is where cousins who grew up in Bend took us when we were visiting. Try to get a table overlooking the river.

    1. In cousins LOVE the Pine Tavern Restaurant. It's been around for about 70 years and has a tree growing inside...

      1. Search for Bend on Chowhounds for the last couple years. The top restaurants - Cork, etc - haven't essentally changed. Volo closed and Zydeco took the spot, so their space is now as nice as the food. Merenda was reopened by the previous employees as 900 Wall. We haven't been to Blacksmith since a very mediocre experience years ago, but they have always been better at promotion than execution.

        1. 2 recommendations:

          1) Baltazar's - seafood/Mexican. Don't be scared off by the word "Mexican". They feature things like lobster enchiladas, etc. Outstanding.

          2) Ariana -

          1. Thanks all. Merenda was the most interesting looking one to me, and now 900 Wall looks to be about tops along with Ariana for a nice dinner out. I keep seeing references to Di Lusso's bakery, is that open for breakfast or anything, it sounds great.

            Thanks, again.

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              You will not be disappointed at Ariana...

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                900 Wall St. was wonderful. Went with friends, we shared the steak salad & the butternut squash risotto. They were both excellent. We each did a wine flight, the bartender there was very helpful. He was also very attentive, making sure we were well taken care of. We definitely look forward to going back. Everything on the menu looked good we had a hard time deciding.