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Feb 12, 2010 04:46 PM

White River Junctio n, VT, Hanover, Lebanon, NH

Thanks for the suggestions about Waterbury/Stowe, but I have another request for my return. I'm headed back to WRJ on Monday to catch my train home on Tuesday. I had hoped to have dinner at the Tip Top, but when I walked by there last night, I saw that it's closed on Monday! That means that I'm going to want to find a good place to eat. Any suggestions? I'll have a car, and I don't mind driving to Lebanon or Hanover.

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  1. There is a place in Dowtown Whit Rivier Junction called the Elixir (188 S Main Street, WRJ) I hear it is expensive but good. In Hanover there is the Canoe Club, it is a little fancy, if you want a good pub to go to there is Murphy's on the green.

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    1. re: snick14

      I didn't think that Elixir was still open - is it?

      1. re: sophie fox

        Elixir had closed, but is open again under new owners. It is quite good; small but interesting menu, specials available, and a theatre prix-fixe on nights of nearby Northern Stage productions. Not expensive. But to your original question--I think it is closed as well on Mondays, but worth checking.

      2. re: snick14

        Murphy's on the main street of Hanover is definitely worth trying. They have gone somewhat more upscale from their previous pub image--although it is still casual-- and the food is interesting and quite varied. Full meals as well as small plates, salads, etc. Very reasonable in price.

      3. I forgot to mention a great diner it is worth going to it is the Farmers Diner in Quechee, VT close to WRJ. The have the best hash and fresh jams.

        1. When we've had to stay in WRJ for Guild meetings at the wonderful old Coolidge Hotel we drove to the Simon Pearce restaurant in Quechee for dinner. Just about 5 miles down Rte. 4. Pretty good food, typical Vermont moderne atmosphere, fantastic views.


          1. When in WRJ we usually wind up at AJ's. This is a eally good steak house and fine salad bar as well.
            Jessee's in Janover is where we usually go for dinner when in Hanover.
            This is yet another good place to eat and they too have a fine salad bar.
            Murphy's Pub ,like snick14 said,is a good bar to go to in Hanover and the 7 Barrels Brewery is a really good brewpub in Lebanon serving a very good pub
            menu along with their outstanding beers.
            if you can make it over to Woodstock you really want to hit Bentley's for a super pub atmosphere and fine pub food as well.
            These are our favorite pubs in the three locations.

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            1. re: catnip

              Really, Catnip - Bentley's?????????? I live there and I know of no one who thinks they serve "fine pub food". I find their fare almost inedible. I am also not a fan of Jesse's of AJ's so maybe we just have really different expectations in restaurants. Although they have probably already had their dinner somewhere, I would have recommended Yama, right around the corner in West Lebanon or Elixir in WRJ.

              1. re: greenstate

                Yama is a good suggestion. I've only been once but I saved their take-out menu. The one in West Lebanon is closed on Mondays. Yama II on South Main St in Hanover is open 7 days a week. (Korean/Japanese cuisine)

                Maybe Bentley's flucuates. We had a great lunch there once. But on a visit for Sunday breakfast/brunch it was pretty poor.

                1. re: greenstate

                  Hi Greenstate-
                  Yes,I've never had a bad dinner at Bentley's.
                  We usually go there,if we stay in Woodstock,after Dartmouth football and the place is usually packed.
                  We're tourists,flatlanders,l outlanders,and not locals like you.
                  We go there 3-4 times in the football season.
                  We eat at the bar only,never had lunch there or Sunday breakfast/brunch.
                  I guess we just have different tastes.
                  We like sitting at the bar with football fans,eating steaks,burgers,ect.and since no one in our group or anyone else there complained about the food I think it's a great place to go to.
                  Sorry you find their food so inedible.
                  Since the place almost always packed when we go there and since the place has been in business so long I'd say at least many others are happy with the place.
                  AJ's and Jesse's are usually crowded when we go there also.
                  it's obvious we have different expectations(LOL) but you are welcome to your opinion----that's what makes this board so great;different people with different views.
                  Thanks for the Yama recc;we'll try that one,and maybe Elixir ,if we have the time,next Fall.
                  Say,do both Yama and Elixir have a full bar and do they seve food at their bars?
                  Maybe you've had some bad experiences there(I don't know)

                  1. re: catnip

                    Yes, opinions are what make this board so great! Bentley's is always packed on weekends, usually with tourists. Burgers at the bar are the safest bet there but you won't find me there. I'll be at the bar at the Barnard Inn, a place that I highly recommend. Elixir has a full bar that they serve food at and Yama has no bar; you probably would not like the atmosphere there, based on what you like about the other places that you mentioned. I have never had a bad meal at Elixir or Yama.

                    1. re: greenstate

                      We're some of the tourists who eat at Bentley's(LOL)!
                      The food at the Barnard Inn was wonderful two years ago when we ate there(hope we agree on this place---still LOL).
                      We also really like the Prince and the Pauper.
                      Again,we're only eating and drinking at the bar with the same bartender on Friday nights who has been there for years(a really good man!).
                      For breakfast we do the Woodstock Inn Sunday brunch which we really like.
                      A bit pricy but quiet,elegant,and the food is great for all of us also.
                      Since we're always walking from the Shire to downtown Woodstock our options are limited.
                      Say,we've seen a place called "the wasp" on our way downtown;is this place ever open?
                      Looks local and cozy,like our local breakfast place here where we live,but we've never found the place open.
                      We tried the Mountain Creamery last year;that was very good we thought.
                      We used to eat at the Jackosn Inn but we felt that the place went downhill real fast a few years ago.
                      Another watering hole we all love is the Long Trail Brewery;again,great beer,fun crowd,good burgers,
                      If we have the time we trek out to the Corners Inn at Bridgwater Corners as well.
                      Chef Brad was one of the better chef/owners we'ver met but we heard,and I don't know if this is true,that he sold the place to someone else.
                      Do you know?

                      1. re: catnip

                        I DON'T know about Corners Inn. We've been by every weekend. Sometimes it says open, but the lights are off. There is never a car in the parking lot. It was sold recently and I don't know what's going on.

                        1. re: ChardonnayQueen

                          Thaks for your post ChardonnayQueen.
                          I remember that the place was sometimes closed M-Wed. during the "off-season" whatever the off-season was deemed to be.
                          I remember that we used to go to their website to find out exactly when they used to be open because we found them closed several timesin the past when Chef Brad owned the place.
                          Let's hope that the new owner does as well as Chef Brad used to do with the food.

                2. re: catnip

                  I wouldn't call AJ's a fine steakhouse. I have had adequate meals there, period. Some not very adequate.

                  1. re: catnip

                    I've found Bentley's to be VERY ordinary - and wildly overpriced for indifferent "pub grub" - at best. French Onion Soup just barely OK, and not warm. How easy is that to mess up?

                    1. re: sophie fox

                      Well at least your opinion of Bentley's is an improvement over greenstate's opinion(LOL).
                      Just kidding,of course,as everyone sees it differently.
                      Like I said we like the burgers,the steaks,the ambiaince,ect. of Bentley's after football games.
                      If I had to live locally I might have a different opinion,like greenstate and you do.
                      The same goes for AJ's Jesse's ect.
                      Why our gang used to love to eat at Dot's Diner over in WRJ;the place was a "greasy spoon" but we really enjoyed the place.
                      We really have to try the Coolidge Hotel when we're there again also.
                      Simon Pearce is another favorite and the view,like Gio said,is great---all IMO ,of course(LOL)
                      None of us have ever had the onion soup at Bentley's as far as I can remember.
                      Remember that we're a 'bar crowd" group that comes up for fun and football all Fall; a different expectation,like greenstate correctly mentioned ,than you and others have.
                      We all like 7 Barrels Brewery over in Lebanon.
                      What do you think of their food?
                      Curious Catnip

                      1. re: catnip

                        ok I haven't been on here for a while ... but are all of you serious? food wise anyone knows that the farmers diner is a marketing joke- AJ's is frightening. Yama is not sexy or cool but good food if you know what to order.Tip top does a great respectable job and I would go there anytime-for lunch. Simon Pearce has a kitchen that is supporting the $$$$$ -which is glassmaking.(Ask any bride-on the registery)
                        so my recomendations ..... seriously none of these!!

                        1. re: professorbeezer

                          I don't think Yama in West Lebanon has a bar. It's like a small house, nothing fancy. Just a good food kind of place with nice service.

                          1. re: professorbeezer

                            well, marketing aside, we've been well pleased by the two meals we've managed to catch at farmer's market. i agree that yama and the tip top are good, but i would also say that simon pearce serves an excellent lunch. i was living part-time up in queechee when they opened that restaurant in the '80s and it was a real bonus. for dinner though, the parker house (next to simon pearce) is always a good choice. my wife & i had our rehearsal dinner there, and i can still remember the texture of the beef 25 years later. ha. i've still got a place i eastman but we never get up there. so my opinions may be a bit outdated....still.


                    2. Salt Hill Pub just opened a new location in Hanover-- very cozy lunch spot.