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Feb 12, 2010 03:04 PM

Hiatoric Markets

Out of town Chowhound headed for Manhattan. I've been to the Essex Market and Chelsea Market on previous trips. May prowl them them again for goodies. I hope to hit Fulton St. Fishmarket this trip, for lunch.

Are the Jefferson Market and Lexington Market still open? Any others I haven't named?

Also, if you have any favorite goodies to go from any of the markets, I'd appreciate the heads-up. On my last day in NY, I'ill be stocking a cooler for the 32 hour ride home (starting at Zabar's, of course).

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  1. There is no more Fulton St fishmarket - it moved to the Bronx. Jefferson Market is really just one store. I don't know what the Lexington Market is.

    What are you looking to buy?

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    1. re: gutsofsteel

      I suppose anything that will keep well in a cooler. Cookies or other baked goodies, sandwiches, cheeses, salamis, stuff like that. Basically, 'comfort' food, and maybe stuff to share with my co-workers when I get home. (I usually bring them a babka, but not always) I used to live in DC and head up to NY for the weekend a dozen times a year. Now I'm 'in exile' in central Illinois, where they think Taco Bell is ethnic food.

      My lunch and supper itinerary is pretty well set - my old favorites and a couple of substitutes for those which have closed since my last visit.

      BTW, Lexington Market was around in the 30s. That's right - I'm no spring chicken anymore - of course, I'm not quite ready for the stewing pot, either.

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        Well if you'll be at Zabar's already, you might want to try Salumeria Rossi for salumi and such (it's not too far) and Levain bakery (cookies!) and Granddaisy bakery (also not too far).

    2. have you ever been to Kalustyan's? not necessarily "historic," but definitely a don't-miss for any Chowhound looking to stock up on ethnic ingredients and excellent nuts and dried fruit.

      ooh, and there's also Despana for Spanish specialties...

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      1. I love DiPalo's on Grand St. but allow plenty of time. Great for all things Italian. It's not a huge shop, but it is affordable and very well stocked. Family owned by a family that is very passionate about food.