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Feb 12, 2010 01:56 PM

Windsor, England

We'll be in England in April, and are wondering about lunch in the Windsor area.

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  1. Head to Bray it is 6 miles away: 2 x Michelin 3 stars - The Fat Duck and The Waterside Inn; plus two pubs The Hinds Head owned by Heston and The Royal Oak owned by Michael Parkinson (the TV chat show host) and recently won its first Michelin star.

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    1. re: PhilD

      Royal Oak is a bit out of Bray but not very far (its technically in Paley Street). If you don't feel like travelling the only thing worth it in Windsor itself is the pub in the olde bit near the castle entrance. Food is average and inexpensive, but beer and ambience is excellent. There's also a good pub over the Eton side but its a bit more 'sawdust' in style.

      Everything else is chains.

      1. re: mr_gimlet

        We will also be travelling from London to Windsor by train this summer. Do you remember the name of the pub close to the castle entrance? Would we be better to go to the Hinds Head in Bray? If so, are reservations required and is it easy to get to by train (or bus) from Windsor? Thanks for your help.

        1. re: jmlh

          Get a taxi, it is only about 6 miles so it shouldn't cost a fortune. Either reserve a table at the Hinds Head or eat in the bar, no reservation required: diner may be tricky but lunch should be fine

          1. re: PhilD

            I caught a (pre-booked) minicab from Windsor to the Hind's Head a few months back – it cost about £10-12 each way. Had a great meal there, from memory we found the scallops starter lovely and were particularly amused by the Victorian dessert recipe the chef had brought back to life. If you want a table for dinner you'll definitely need to make a reservation.

          2. re: jmlh

            I think the pub is the carpenters arms. The Hinds Head is much, much better, but it is a trip - I suggested the Carpenters in case you didn't want to travel.

        2. re: PhilD

          I had no idea they were so close. Thanks!!

        3. Try the PALMER ARMS in Dorney (about 2 miles from Eton) - under new management in 2010 and does good food.

          Also the Eton Wine Bar in Eton High Street (
          )Bray and Paley Street are certainly good suggestions.