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Feb 12, 2010 01:46 PM

Caffe Azzurri, Hartsdale?

This has been open for several weeks, but not a single post... Is this because no 'Hounds have been, or because we're all annoyed with the new board structure?

Caffe Azzurri
20 N. Central Avenue, Hartsdale, NY 10530

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  1. have yet to try it out yet...heard they've been busy but just checked out their menu & for an Italian place they sure do use alot of un-Italian ingredients....
    edamame, chipotle, wasabi, chorizo, hoisin orange soy ginger sauce
    & those are just from their apps

    1. I have been there twice and the food is very good. They offer a prix-fix dinner for $25 which I have ordered from. The food is nicely prepared and everything seemed fresh. Server was good.

      1. We went there during that stormy night last weekend. Food was pretty good. We ordered an Osso Bucco special made with pork and the sea bass. Good solid food. Bill was typically "Westchester" clocking in about $100 for two for a good meal- not doing cartwheels here but it was good.

        1. I have been to Caffe Azzuri twice. I just returned from a business lunch there and it was excellent. I had a Shrimp dish served with a mango salsa over risotto. It was fabulous. The other diners had chicken parm and pappardelle with meat sauce and ricotta cheese. We started with the calamari and tuna appetizers. Everything was excellent.
          The Restaurant is very nice too. I love the little lounge area in the front. I can see myself relaxing there with a glass of wine.

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            We also went a few weeks ago and the food was delicious. Unfortunately it was empty, on a Saturday night. Not sure why, it doesn't seem to be a location factor considering its proximity, accessability and there is ample parking...

            1. re: christinepierce

              this location has often had"location" issues

          2. Headed here tonight... what pasta dishes are good?