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Feb 12, 2010 01:46 PM

Sammy's Pizzeria on Hope Street Providence

Has anyone been? Any reviews? Worth a try?

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  1. We got two pies take-out Friday night: one cheese for the kids, pepperoni and olives for the grownups. Nice, light crust. Cheese wasn't too heavy. Seemed like a step up from Hope St. Pizza. But no delivery! Might be a real obstacle for us. Curious about other stuff on their menu...

    1. We finally tried the Sammy's Pizzeria on Hope street this weekend. Definitely worth a try. We had a meatball calzone and the guy behind the counter recommended hot peppers and cheese. It was great. We also had a Hawaiian Pizza which was very good as well. Much better than most others in the area. The only negative is that the only parking is on the street which is sometimes limited but this is typical for Hope Street.