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Feb 12, 2010 01:40 PM

Saturday LUNCH, not brunch...

Hi all,
We are taking my uncle's family (including one pescatarian and two kids ages 7 and 9) out to lunch on Saturday (yes, that's tomorrow). He's the type who would like Petit Robert, Aquitaine, or Sel de la Terre - but unfortunately, all of those restaurants and many other similar places only serve BRUNCH on Saturday. We are trying to avoid brunch and do a real honest-to-goodness lunch.

Any suggestions for places similar to the above that do a good Saturday lunch? Our budget (I'm a student and we're treating 6 people to lunch) is about $10-15 a head.

Thanks much!

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  1. Petit Robert Bistro does not serve brunch. And their dinner menu is available at lunch as well. Check the web site

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    1. re: BBHound

      My bad, you're right - their lunch menu just looks like a brunch menu (given the preponderance of egg dishes and sandwiches). But the fact that they serve dinner at lunch is a plus...thanks for the tip!

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        Petit Robert is a great place to have lunch. My group was able to linger a lot longer than we would at a busy brunch at another restaurant. Order off the full dinner menu and enjoy.

    2. One of my favorite lunch places is Piattini on Newbury st. They offer a simple but delicious Italian lunch, pretty reasonably priced. it's not a very big restaurant, but the waitstaff is also incredibly service-oriented. might be going there tomorrow myself!

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        Thanks for the suggestion - that sounds great and I'll definitely keep it in mind for future Saturday lunches!

      2. More upscale but the Bristol Lounge in the Four Seasons Hotel serves a great lunch.