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Feb 12, 2010 01:23 PM

looking for a good bistro on UWS?

i'm looking for a good bistro on UWS for dinner tonight. don't want to spend more than $100. thankya.

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    1. re: gutsofsteel

      thx! they don't seem to show the menu online. is it a place for decent wine and a hangar steak?

    2. Bistro Cassis on 70th and Columbus. They've got a great classic French bistro menu and reasonable price for UWS. I would avoid West Branch; the food is mediocre and expensive for what you get.

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      1. re: wadawada

        I really disagree. I have had nothing but deliciosu meals at West Branch. Their french fries for example are some of the best in the city. Their frisee aux lardons is classically perfect, their melange of hearts and gizzards is rich and wonderful.

        1. re: wadawada

          I agree - West Branch for me has been just OK and the atmosphere is a little bland. Cassis is my fallback for great french bistro food. There's also Nice Matin on 79th.

          1. re: Edwin E.

            Nice Matin is so loud, and I find it so generic.

          2. re: wadawada

            Abstaining about West Branch, but I will agree on Bistro Cassis; great steak frites, great onion soup.