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Feb 12, 2010 01:17 PM

Can Sambuca substitute for Pernod?

Some recipes call for Pernod, which I'd have to buy. Have plenty of Sambuca. If a recipe calls for Pernod, can I add an equal amount of Sambuca. They are both anise flavor, no??

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  1. You know, I was wondering the same thing but Sambuca is sweet, isn't it, and I think Pernod is not.

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    1. I would say they are NOT interchangeable...due to the sweetness. A better substitute would be ouzo.

      1. Totally depends on the recipe. What are you making? If it's a relatively small proportion of the dish, then most definitely. If it's something where the Pernod is the primary flavoring, then probably not.

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          I tend to use Herbsaint rather than Pernod.

          1. re: decolady

            I used to use Marie Brizzard anisette before I started keeping Pernod around, tasted fine to me. Although not quite as sweet as Sambuca.