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Feb 12, 2010 01:10 PM

Commander's review from Superbowl Sunday

Hi All,

We just returned from a long weekend trip to New Orleans...not the first...not the last.
I wanted to report back on Commander's to comment on what so many people already know.
It's just terrific!

All I can add to the volume of reviews is how much fun it is.

I had wondered if the atmosphere might be too stiff and formal to my liking...not in the least.
Service was exemplary and we enjoyed chatting with our waiter.He in turn, suggested
a cocktail to me that was unfamiliar and delicious..a scotch based *blood and sand*
Highly recommended by someone who doesn't usually care to dilute good scotch!
The bread pudding topped with whisky was remarkable...again strongly recommended.
The atmoshere took a lively turn when a *second line* of young women dressed in Saints
colours marched through the Garden room behind a life size cut out of Drew Brees and the jazz band.

I guess to reiterate..don't worry about not having a tie or polished shoes at Commander's.
(I had one,not the other) I suspect you will be made to feel every bit as welcome and comfortable as we did..

Other minor notes...We tried to go to Charlie's,after reading that it was owned by Brigsten,and found it closed on the Monday following the to make sure they're open.

Dick and Jenny's was recommended to us by a local...We didn't try it this time,but we did locate it and it looks promising. At that time we enjoyed a 1/2 hour wander through the
Rouse's across the street...a fine, inclusive grocery store..

We also visited the outdoor food market open one day of the week out by Audobon Park..
I would surely if I patronize it if I lived in NOLA..greatbake goods, pasta sauce, and friendly vendors operating out of the back of their cars/trucks. The selection of greens and vegatables
was very appealing..


Commander's Palace Restaurant
1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. Wasn't Commander's Palace closed on Superbowl Sunday?

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    1. re: Suzy Wong

      I believe they were open for lunch/brunch but not for dinner service due to the game being at 5:30

    2. We took some friends to Commander's Superbowl Friday and it was fabulous. The food, the service and the atmosphere. It's five star all around as far as I'm concerned. I was particularly impressed with the wine list. They had some great bottles for reasonable prices. Commander's really impressed our guests and is what New Orleans restaurant dining is all about.

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      1. re: wadelit

        I have been to Commander's Sunday Brunch four times by myself and have had a great experience each time. Although people are dressed up, the atmosphere is fun, not stuffy. They tie balloons to the back of each chair and the jazz combo that travels throughout the restaurant is great. The wait staff and even the owners have always treated me like a king.

        Bigray in Ok

      2. Was there the day after Super Bowl for lunch with friends. They serve cocktails for 25 cents! We had a lovely time and the food was terrific. I especially liked the 3 Soup Appetizer of Gumbo, Turtle Soup and the soup of the day, and of course the Strawberry Shortcake and Bread Pudding Souffle. Here's some photos of our food.

        1. I do love Commander's ... didn't make it there this round for the SupaBowl, but I do love their experience. I think it's funny you mention going through Rouse's. I begged my husband to go there with me to pick up goodies to take back to Texas... stuff we just can't get here; I had most of my trunk full of beads and groceries when we got back to Texas. Ha.

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          1. re: drdelicious

            I'm really curious now if they were open or not:

            by Tom Fitzmorris » Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:03 pm

            Commander's announced a few weeks ago that if the Saints were in the Super Bowl, they would CLOSE COMPLETELY that day:
            NEW ORLEANS, La. (November 27, 2009) – In an unprecedented move, the proprietors of Commander's Palace New Orleans announced today that they will close their historic, award-winning restaurant on Sunday, February 7, 2010 if their hometown Saints make it to Super Bowl XLIV. This announcement comes as the whole city rallies around their team before the hugely anticipated showdown between the Saints, 10-0, and the New England Patriots in New Orleans this coming Monday, November 30.

            "We are open 363 days a year, two ‘shows’ daily,” said co-proprietor Lally Brennan. “We close Christmas Day and – you guessed it – Mardi Gras Day. That's it. But as original Saints season ticket holders, we are unflagging members of Who Dat Nation.”

            “This team is special, and they are a class act. The ‘all for one and one for all’ attitude and unending desire to improve…well, we’d like to think of Commander’s in the same way. We like their style,” added cousin and co-proprietor Ti Adelaide Martin.

            Two weeks ago, Commander’s Palace took their unwavering support of the Saints one step further with Executive Chef Tory McPhail’s introduction of a seven-course tailgating menu, aptly named Tory’s Tailgate Tasting. For $60, guests can enjoy specialties such as the Smoked Duck Foie Gras Gumbo; Boudin-Stuffed Quail with Braised Greens and Warm Sugarcane Syrup and Chicory Coffee Sauce; Wild Antelope; Andouille Corndogs and Coffee and Beignets (made with an upside-up custard laced with Bailey’s milk punch ice cream and warm Bananas Foster beignets).

            “I can’t think of a better way to personally celebrate the Saints,” said Chef McPhail. “This menu represents tailgating, Commander’s-style!”

            Lally Brennan will be at the big game Monday night pitting the 10-0 Saints against the Patriots. Ti Martin says, “Well, I was at the first-ever Saints game – I was very young. I was in the parking lot when Dempsey kicked ‘the kick.’ No one admits they were in the parking lot; all of New Orleans claims they were in the stadium!

            “And I was in the dome for the first game post-Katrina, the single greatest sporting event I have ever witnessed,” she added. But as for this Monday, no, I won't be there. I gave my tickets to my chef Tory McPhail. Let's just say I really love my chef! So if you don't have tickets for Monday night, come by and see me at Commander's. I'll be there…well, at least ‘til kick-off!”

            The Commander's Palace team would like to congratulate Tom Benson, Rita Benson LeBlanc, Coach Sean Payton, Drew Brees and this extraordinary team.

            “You have inspired the city and you have inspired us,” said Lally Brennan. If you make it to the Super Bowl, we are taking an unprecedented step of closing that night so our team can watch your team. Thank you for already lifting the aspirations of our beloved city of New Orleans.”

            1. re: Suzy Wong

              we were in new orleans that weekend. as soon as we knew the saints were in the super bowl, we reviewed our reservations. we had to go to galatoires another day because they were closed that night( thanks to our waiters-sean p. and rich, excellent time at galatoires) and we noticed that commanders was open for brunch but not dinner. we went for saturday brunch. LOVED the life-size drew brees coming thru with the second line! so, i guess if one is going down for special events, it really pays to call the places you want to go to.

          2. Alan, I was also at Commander's Palace for brunch on Superbowl Sunday...sounds like we might have even been in the same room. There were definitely a couple second lines that went through while I was there with my parents, who were visiting from Virginia. The food was wonderful, as usual, but the atmosphere was extra-special that day! I'm glad I went ahead and made reservations when I did.

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            1. re: New2Nola

              Hi New2Nola.

              We were on the ground floor of Commander's, in what I guessed to be the Garden room,(We walked through the kitchen and the courtyard).
              Our waiter, Philip, told us that the second line of women that we saw was led by a former
              employee of the restaurant.
              As tourists to the city, we're always caught unaware by events.
              We were expecting to take the St. Charles streetcar from our hotel near Canal.
              The scheduled parades shut that down. We gave up on trying to flag a taxi, and
              enjoyed a brisk walk of about forty minutes to arrive in advance of our reservation by about
              thirty seconds!

              Already looking forward to returning to the Crescent City!