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Feb 12, 2010 01:08 PM

Magic Wok- Pleasantville

I got a coupon for this place. Their website shows old fashioned combination plates and a wide variety of dishes. Has anyone been? Is it a sit down restaurant or take-out only? How's the food? Thanks

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  1. It's my old standby. Been going to Magic Wok for years. It's both a sit down and take-out place. Food is good reliable American Chinese - love the shrimp dishes and the moo shu. My favorite dish is called the "Double Wonder" - General Tso's and prawns in pepper sauce.

    1. A sit down and take out place--haven't eaten there but seems like a reasonably nice dining room. We do takeout from Magic Wok. Very good for the area. Dishes can be a little too saucy, but quality of ingredients is generally very high and food is well-prepared. In an area of really bad Chinese food, Magic Wok stands out as one of the few good places.

      1. Went for lunch today and I'd call it a real find. The food was fresh and delicious. The lunch specials include soup. We had wonton soup which was good and the wontons were the old-fashioned heavy kind. The chicken and eggplant with garlic sauce was delicious. The fresh ingredients included broccoli and peppers. It came with a light tasting fried rice and eggroll. Chow fun with chicken included sprouts, zucchini and mushrooms. Very tasty. Looking forward to trying more items on the menu.

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          They're very good and consistent - one of the reasons I love the place. Glad you enjoyed it!