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Feb 12, 2010 12:31 PM

Oysters in NJ - somewhere between Madison and NYC?

At the risk of being a cliche, I ask for some advice on where we might be able to have some good oysters tomorrow night. We'll be coming from Madison, and may be having dinner in Hoboken, though that's not definite, so we can travel pretty much anywhere. For anyone who's been there, I'm a big fan of B&G Oyster in Boston, and do most of my oyster eating there, but I'll be in NJ tomorrow. If there is any place approximating B&G, that's the sort of thing I have in mind, but any place with a good atmosphere would work for me! I want a nice big plate of oysters and a glass of something bubbly. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I am a fan of Neptune Oyster myself ;) I do not know of anyplace that it is in the same league as B & G but for ambience and a raw bar I recommend sitting at the Martini Bar at Copeland Restaurant in Morristown. They have upholpstered chair on wheels that I adore that roll up to the bar and you can have a lovely glass of prosecco and oysters.

    Other suggestions would be South City Grill in Mountain Lakes. Enjoy!

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      Thanks, Tasi! I split my time between Boston and NJ, but we're usually in the South End. Neptune has been on my list of places to get to! I will certainly take a look at Copeland.

      1. re: kleary2

        Lucky you! Know Boston very well (culinary wise) and as far as South End goes did enjoy Franklin Cafe and Mistral.

        One of my favorite dinners in Boston is starting the evening at Neptune Oyster's Bar for oysters and prosecco and then heading a couple of doors down to Antico Forno for their linguine and clams in parchment paper. I'm in Boston about 4 or 5 times a year and I never miss that type of evening. Right now my favorite bar is Lucky's Lounge, great grub too!

        Bon apetit!

        1. re: Tasi

          I'm going to give that itinerary a try next time I'm in Boston. I've been to Lucky's only once, on a Sunday night when they regularly have a Frank Sinatra-type band - a good time.

          On one of your future trips, If you haven't been, you may want to check out Orinoco, on Shawmut Ave., in the South End. Small place, no reservations, everything we've ever tried has been terrific, and it doesn't break the bank.

          Happy travels!

    2. We like the oysters at Legal Sea Foods in the Short Hill Mall. I would recommend trying them sometime. They also have a pretty decent wine list.