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Feb 12, 2010 12:30 PM

Lunch near the Art Museum

My daughter and I have tickets for the Picasso exhibit on Tuesday, February 23rd. I would love some recommendations for restaurants in the area. I've been to the Museum restaurant on several occasions and found it to be just okay. I would prefer not to go downtown because of the traffic at lunch time.. It's my daughter's birthday,as well (she's in college), so someplace kind of upscale would be great. Any ideas?

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  1. The restaurant right in the back of the Art Museum would work if it is open for lunch. The name escapes me for the moment, but others will surely tell you the name. It is right on the water and overlooks the waterworks and that I think is the name!!
    If you walk along Fairmount Ave, there are lots of places to eat, but none of them "upscale". If you walk down the Parkway towards the center of the city, you will pass the Four Seasons Hotel at 19th St. If you keep walking south on 19th another five blocks will get you to Rittenhouse Square and Lacroix. Although I often make that same exact walk (and I am 70 yrs old), most people will tell you it is too far to walk. However, once you are on the Square you can choose from Lacroix, Parc, Devon or Rouge, all very good places to eat.
    If you dont want to walk and you dont want to drive, then a cab will set you back 8 bucks with tip from the Art Museum to Rittenhouse Square.

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn't even thought about the cab solution which will give us a lot more flexibility.

    2. The restaurant that OlderPhiladelphian was talking about is called the Water Works.
      It isn't great gourmet food, but it is very attractive and has a nice view of the river.
      It would be a little more upscale than anyplace else around, and it is right behind the museum.

      Other than that - yes, cab it to Four Seasons or LaCroix. There are many restaurants in Fairmount, but nothing upscale. By the way, when you want a casual lunch near the museum, my friends and I like the cafe in the Perelman Annex. The free shuttle bus takes you down the hill and right to the door. There is no waiter service, but it is pleasant, quiet and good.

      1. The Art Museum has a lovely restaurant right in the museum itself. White tableclothes, cloth napkins, superb service -- not what you would expect in a museum eatery. You might want to look into that. I have been there numerous times & have always found it to be quite good. The link to the web page is below. If you click on "menu" you will be able to check out their offerings. I have always enjoyed the "Artists' Table".

        Eating here allows you to check your coat, have a lovely meal, then spend more time wandering the exhibits.

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          I know you say you have been to the Art Museum restaurant but i have to second the opinion to eat at the nicer art museum restaurant. The cafe there is only so-so in my opinion but the Artists Table is good.