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Feb 12, 2010 12:11 PM

ISO made on the premises halvah and baklavah/Detroit area

looking for the best available in detroit metro and must be locally made fresh on the premises

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  1. Well, I am no expert on this subject since I no longer live in Detroit and am not sure of the scope of what is available. *BUT* there is a little shop I always visit when I am back in the area - Mid-East Pastry Delight at 15 mile & Dequindre in Sterling Heights. Yes, their pastries are made fresh on site. They primarily do mail-order and corporate gifts, but they do have a storefront where you can purchase by the piece. I am a fan of their kahi in particular (YUM!), but baklavah is their specialty and they have a couple of varieties (pistachio or walnut). Theirs is a little different than Greek baklavah, though, and I'm not sure if you have a particular type in mind. I can't remember if they have halvah. You can call them for questions -(586)979-3960. They have a website - - but I could not get it to load when I tried earlier. I hope this fits the bill! Now I'm craving baklavah..... :)