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Feb 12, 2010 11:58 AM

Need frosting advice for Valentines cupcakes

I have these really cool paper heart shaped molds. So I'm making small Valentines cakes in them to give away.

I'll be using a chocolate cake recipe.

Some will have a chocolate frosting. Think I'll make a ganache for that one.

But some will have a light frosting tinted pink (with little chocolate candies around the heart outline.) I'm trying to pick out a frosting recipe for this last one. Was thinking of a cream cheese frosting but will that tint well or will it look kind of yellowish? What would be better.

I haven't made a 7- minute frosting in eons. Always thought those are too sweet. But maybe that's the answer here?

Other ideas?

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  1. Expensive, but a mascarpone frosting with a hint of lemon is really nice. It'll be slightly yellow, but shouldn't affect a pink tint enough.

    1. A little late now, but you can plan for next year. Add some powdered fruit to cream cheese or buttercream frosting.

      1. If you live near a TJs and want powdered fruit, they have freezedried strawberries that will work. But i have also just used jam.

        Anyway, cream cheese won't be that yellowish - I find it tints just fine depending on how pink you want it.

        1. Cream cheese frosting tints beautifully.