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Feb 12, 2010 11:49 AM

Hopewell tonight (Friday night) - downmarket

Looking for a casual place to dine in Hopewell tonight. I would normally go to Blue Bottle, but casual is the key word. Nomad Pizza? Would we even be able to get a table tonight? Any suggestions appreciated...

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    1. re: bgut1

      Love it - but too upmarket. My friend is a starving student:) We've settled on Nomad Pizza, which she seems eager to try. Thanks for the suggestion though, bgut1!

    2. Nomad will be packed. no outside winter dining is really a drag on business. If you get there early, you might have a chance.

      There's always Tigers Tale or the Rocky Hill Tavern as local casual alternatives to the preferred dining at Blue Bottle or One53. Not particulary fond of either but we still find ourselvs going to both TT and RHT when the others are booked solid.

      Another place we go to (often on Fridays for a more casual meal when others are packed) is Main Street Bistro in the Princeton shopping center. Good food, casual, usually never a wait, may be worth the drive for you.

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      1. re: Foody4life

        Thanks for the insight. I was worried about Nomad in this weather on a Friday... Hmmmm. We are heading to Lambertville from Hopewell, so maybe we'll go there for dinner. Plenty of options!

      2. I have to say that it is funny to me to read that there are so many choices -- let alone upmaket choices! We lived in Hopewell for 5 years (moved away 9 years ago). At the time, pretty much the ONLY food choices were the Hopewell Inn, Chubby's luncheonette, Vincenzo's Pizza, the soup place for lunch, and a bad Chinese take-out! Oh and the little cafe that started in the farm market (what is now I believe the Blue Bottle).

        So, it's hard to imagine how much the town has changed (relatively quickly) in culinary options! We usually used to go to Princeton or Lawrenceville to go out to eat.

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        1. re: eamcd

          We had one option we were considering once Foody4life's insight shot down the Nomad Pizza idea, and I was curious as to your opinion. Is the Hopewell Valley Bistro & Inn (or whatever it's full name is) a good experience? We would love to have an Eastern European option...

          1. re: Heatherb

            >>We would love to have an Eastern European option...<<

            How about Bulgarian? Not in Hopewell but in Princeton.


            1. re: ambrose

              Yeah, ambrose, that's already on our list:D Hopewell is a more convenient meeting place though sometimes, which is why I was curious about the other place... The menu for Underground looks really interesting though - we keep forgetting to stop in there when we're in Princeton.