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Feb 12, 2010 11:30 AM

Does wasabi powder go bad?

I just made a dipping sauce for ahi skewers using mayo + some wasabi powder I've had since the Reagan adminstration. Blech! Bitter and awful. Does wasabi powder have a shelf life or do I just not like the taste of this recipe? I'm in the market for an alternate if anyone has ideas. I have some Mr. Yoshida sweet & savory marinade and cooking sauce that might be a base for something else.

This is why it's always a good idea to test drive your recipes the day before!

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  1. I know for a fact it looses flavor / pungency in FAR less time than going back to Ronnie, so I'd assume it gor even worse.

    1. I recently made some a wasabi cream with old-as-dirt wasabi powder. It was gritty, no radish flavor and had a somewhat tinny aftertaste. I went to the market to see what my alternatives were and ended up buying a fresh piece of wasabi. The fresh version is more fragrant and slightly sweeter, no searing pain. I also bought a tube of S&B prepared wasabi in a tube ... it definitely lights up my sinuses.

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        Real wasabi sure beats the pants off of powderd horseradish which is whats in those tins.

        1. Expanding on Mr. Fujisaka's eloquent reply, any ground spice loses its whang pretty fast unless it's kept airtight and cold, and then it loses it not quite so quickly. And the more its potency depends on volatile oils the faster it goes to hell. If you can't afford genuine wasabi - it's hideously expensive, even when you can find it at all - find a brand of the fake stuff that you like, keep it in the fridge, and use it within the year. Same with dry mustard.

          1. In my experience jarred wasabi powder "heat" has a half-life of about a year in my pantry, less for the jar I keep in my car. Any "heat" ingredient should be tested / tasted before adding fixed quantities of it to a recipe, especially chilies. Adjustments are often necessary. Your wasabi powder probably became flavorless some time ago.