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Feb 12, 2010 11:23 AM

Lunch near Guggenheim....

What do you suggest for a casual lunch with my father since we are going to the museum.


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  1. I read recently that a nice restaurant just opened inside the Guggenheim ... not sure of the name - their web site probably has it.

    Also - you could try Cafe Sabarsky at the Neue Museum (I believe 85th and 5th Ave). I had a nice lunch there.

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    1. re: calconscious

      I second Cafe Sabarsky because the decor transports one to fin de siecle Vienna. I always go there when I'm hitting the museums up there.

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        The Wright is the newly opened restaurant, I've had lunch there and it was really really nice.

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          Thank you so much!! I will look at Sabarsky.

        2. I am going with The Wright, in the museum. Great room and food to warm up your Guggenheim experience.

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            I looked at the menu at the Wright. Although I would love to eat there with a girlfriend, my dad (being the typical dad who wants quantity over trendy) would not be thrilled with the food there. Thank you!